back to article Excel Trojan targets unpatched flaws

Virus authors have reportedly created a Trojan that exploits an unpatched vulnerability in a range of versions of Excel. The malware comes in the form of a maliciously constructed spreadsheet file with a malicious payload identified by McAfee, for example, as the BackDoor-DUE trojan. Many versions of Excel are vulnerable, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Oh noes!

    Cue “my OS is better than your OS” flame wars and the descent into anarchy that fills most forums after this kind of article.

    Can we have a way of having 2 threads? One for the usual flame wars and the other for people who actually want to contribute something intelligent/witty/useful… I would also lump the “have version X and not run into problems” type posts into the first thread. They are as informative as saying “I went to the bog and had a poo but since it was nice and solid, though not too solid, the paper didn’t pick anything up so I didn’t have to wipe as much as I normally do”.

    Actually I take that back - the poo thing is more informative.

  2. Robin Kinge


    So A/C your comment would not go in the 'intelligent/witty/useful' thread then...


  3. David


    Cue “my OS is better than your OS” flame wars and the descent into anarchy that fills most forums after this kind of article.

    Its excel nothing to do with the OS. But I'm so glad I use open office. (actually I don't, but I have a level of intelligence that makes me not belive I have an excel spread sheet from UPS saying that I had a parcel that couldn't be delivered)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @Robin Kinge

    Hell no!! It'd definitely fall into the fecking useless pile of jobbie bin!

    Along with certain teams at work today... grrrr...

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Excel v OO

    Hmmm, slightly off topic, sorry. I really like Excel but found parsing of my bank's CSV files a pain whereas OpenOffice detected CSV and auto-parsed immediately, and perfectly! Nice one freetards! Hate the bloody icons and fonts though, anyone would think they are designed for...freetards

  6. Mr Blonde
    Gates Horns

    Excell not excellent?

    How very surprising. One would think that Microsoft with its tens of thousands of programmers and its vast cash reserves would have some way of untangling the mess of spaghetti-code that they have released over the years.

    Open Office while ugly is very functional reasonably safe.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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