back to article Obama balks at recovery of lost Dubya emails

The Obama administration promises transparency and accountability in Washington, but it's siding with George W. Bush's view of executive privilege in an attempt quash recovery of what could be millions of missing White House emails. Two open-government watchdog groups suing the Executive Office say White House emails …


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  1. Scott

    Come on guys

    Finding those emails is job #1! There's certainly nothing more important to do...

  2. Herby

    Said before:

    The more things CHANGE (is this word trademarked by Obama?) the more things stay the same.

    My take: He is protecting the eventual need to hide something later in his term. He knows he will need to do it sometime, so better make sure that it is done now.

  3. David Kairns

    Who cares...

    ...what the latest puppetboy FAKE leader says.

    US states are reclaiming sovereignty and talking secession.

    Get that jerk off the comedy stage.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Change :(

    sorry, the only thing that I have had to change is my underpants from laughing so hard at our new bungling overlords. Oh, I welcome them too.

  5. Justin White

    @Herby: Said Before

    Not sure I agree with your take as it's listed, but Obama is certainly not stupid where politics are concerned.

    Certainly, I haven't noticed any change, other than there's not really any talk of Iraq now. Just how bad the economy is. The funny thing is that it's not MY fault for not spending as a consumer.

    Mines the one with the piggy bank in the lining...

  6. Nebulo
    Thumb Down

    Change You Can Believe In

    Yeah, sure.

    This presidency is going to be one of the fastest and hardest let-downs in history for anyone naive enough to have believed a word he said. Come on, guys, there must be someone who can hack in there and send them to Wikileaks.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    unless things have changed this is the old administration

    This story surfaced last week. The thing is the dates put it as 21st Jan. The day after the inauguration.

    So this is the staff of the GW White House refusing, so the question is, how much should Obama spend to fix GW's failings

  8. Trinity

    Email archive

    Obama wouldn't be the first CEO to give low priority to I.T. backups.

    Maybe he thinks saving the economy is slightly more important just now?

  9. Nicholas Wright
    Thumb Up

    Perhaps, just perhaps...

    ...Obama is actually trying to make a difference, and this Bush email thing is just hassle that's pointless and won't help.

    Perhaps drawing a line on the previous administration, and starting afresh is good.

  10. amanfromMars Silver badge
    IT Angle

    Still Waters Run Real dDeep in QuITe Quiet AIMen, Disquieted


    There is Folly a plenty which can Destroy both the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and those who hide Information and/or Intelligence for Personal Discriminatory Gain, for then are they Ill Gotten. Whereas, if you Share what you know, are we all Enlightened and Further Educated ....and Edutained with what IT and Media can so easily do....... 4u2r2die4.......

    And there is a further challenge and open invitation to one and all here ......

    You have IT at your Fingertips, Ready for your Beck and Call, and it is only either a Lack of Intelligence and/or Leadership which Deserts you to Result in Silent Active Compliance of its Abusive Use by Others.

    And Mr President, Barack Obama talks a Good and Righteous Fight/Flight from Fantasy, but I aint seen any Positive Affirmative Constructive Action yet, to Change Anything Fundamentally. Perhaps he most probably definitely needs so Beta IT Help to Parallel the Charming Rhetoric with Charmed and Engaging Polemic.

    And yes, that does also impinge upon the Integrity of El Reg too, but then is that not what IT and the Register are all about ...... keeping things on the straight and narrow as IT Sprints ahead to Show the WAI how IT is done, and the Way ahead.

    IT is certainly what NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActivity and NIRobotIQs Major in and Share Freely.

  11. Grant
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    More press

    Hope this get more press in US, It is they only way in 50 years people will know in if Bush was incompenent or willfully incompentent

  12. josh

    title error?

    i think someones 2 key has broken..surely it should be

    Obama balks at recovery of "lost" Dubya emails

  13. Anonymous Coward

    "14 million emails"??

    How the frig did he have time to SEND AND RECEIVE that many, let alone later to LOSE them?!!

    The one with "Spam Filters For Dummies" in the pocket...

  14. GF

    Obama has bigger things to worry about...

    Than trying to recover Bush's past garbage e-mails.

  15. Chris
    IT Angle

    re: Title Error?

    WTF does the 2 key have to do with anything?

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