back to article Yahoo! boss warns of reorg ahead

Yahoo!'s new CEO Carol Bartz is to announce a major reorganisation at the firm she took control of in January. Bartz, earning her nickname of "Hurricane Carol", rather ominously warned staff in a weekly email on Friday: "Get well-rested, because next week’s a biggie." The official announcement is expected on Wednesday and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Ya who?

    I can see them employing about 100 people concentrating on their core money making business (such that it is). That's if it's not turned into dust before then.

  2. Ritesh Tendulkar
    Thumb Up


    From what I've heard/read, she seems to be up to the task. It will be good to see Y! turned around.

  3. floweracre
    Paris Hilton


    They are re-arranging Yahoo! What into Ohoay! ?

    Why Pisar? Why not?

  4. Damien Thorn

    long meeting then.

    Embarrass or cost them millions?

    Without even considering all the services they offer, it has to be chat and webhosting thats going to get smashed by them.

    Yahoo in my personal uninformed opinon should take out that stupid bot for abuse and pull its wiring out and feed it to the local scrapyard. That reply bot is the problem...

    Quote: "help someones infected 2m computers and trying to flood all the rooms with them"

    Response "oh just ignore them"

    You dont need to cull services - you need to MANAGE them, at least thats what I think. might have saved them 15-16 million dollars had they told the perverts to go f' themselves somewhere else.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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