back to article Paris Hilton scoops triple Razzie dishonour

Paris Hilton has made movie history by scooping the worst actress and worst supporting actress gongs in the Golden Raspberries. The celebrity airhead scored the dishonour of being voted the worst actress in Hollywood for her performances in The Hottie and the Nottie and Repo! The Genetic Opera. Completing a notable hat trick …


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  1. Efros
    Paris Hilton

    Just reassures me

    That Paris, as easy on the eye as she is, is entirely one dimensional (the horizontal one) in her abilities.


    Paris cos... well who did you expect!

  2. Andrew Moore

    Oscar News- Live from the red carpet!

    America receives one, non-technical, pity Oscar.

    Kate Winslet's breasts make triumphant return!

    Wall-E creators thank you speech includes the Academy for not including Persepolis and Waltz with Bashir in animated category.

    Rod Blagojevich looks forward to lucrative tie in with 'Scumdog Million-hairs'

    Dev Patel wonders 'where the fuck is my Oscar?'

    New Oscar statuettes have twist off heads/contain shampoo.

    Josh Brolin considering suicide for next Oscar bid.

  3. Mike Crawshaw

    Too much Slumdog, not enough Millionaire

    Saw it (read: got dragged there by the gf) on Saturday. Seriously, the most over-rated film since 4 Weddings. I dropped off a couple of times, woke up, and saw nothing worth staying awake for, so went back to sleep. Net result = numb bum & slight neck-ache, with a hankering to get those 2 hours back.

    Avoid unless you get your rocks off by viewing poverty (which it has lots of).

  4. Rick
    Paris Hilton

    Bless Paris

    She will be immortalized on here forever...

    /Paris cause its her time.

  5. Roger Denholm

    stop this tripe

    Except for our common mascot, skip this annoying, cloying, treacly tripe.

    We want IT, shiny toys, hardware, Paris, damn, I was going so well, there too....

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Mike Crawshaw

    Slumdog is great, though I'm not sure it's *that* great: it's cinematically a breath of fresh air to western eyes (though I find it interesting that Danny Boyle's Indian co-director seems to have become Mr. Invisible!), but the end fizzles away into another reality defying love story... :-\

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    She's an actress?

    Oh well, at least I know what films to stay well away from, as well as some of the dreck on the idiot-box nowadays.

    Then again, I'd miss her if she faded out. Who else would we tar and feather on El Reg?

  8. Martin Lyne

    Number of awards

    The number of awards seems to be inversely proportional to the goodness of the film

    The best part of "No Country for Old Men" last year was the sound dampener on the shotgun. The rest of it was like.. well I don't really know what it was like, there was a bag of money and a cop and the shittest ending ever. Southland Tales was better because it was weird, but interesting at least.

    Won't someone make some FUCKING SCIENCE FICTION? Games and films are disappointment after disappointment these days. Or remakes. Can we strap Luc Besson and Ridley Scott to a caffeine IV and get them to churn out films or something?

  9. J-Wick

    @Too much Slumdog....

    Started watching it Sat night with the wife (bootleg DVD copy) At first shot of of leading actress (can't remember the character's name), wife asks 'Do you think she's prettier than me?'

    Oh lord...

  10. Robert Ramsay


    serves you right for getting a bootleg copy! :D

  11. David

    Paris is for looking at

    Paris is a beautiful young woman and the envy of most of the women I know, so they decry her for all kinds of unreasonable reasons, but when were women ever reasonable?

    As for acting, well, does it matter ? We already know that all the women voted against her because they couldn't bear to have her up there in front of us men ... and it would alsop remind the women of their own shortcomings (not that we men actually care, we love them just how they are ! ). The men voted against her because their wives told them to --- and warned them about what they wouldn't get if they did !!

    I think she's great --- no computer scientist --- not a mathematician --- not an actress, but a lovely young lady who is just so easy on the eye.

  12. VulcanV5

    Whaddya mean, well deserved?

    Hang about, hang about: since when did El Reg suddenly become an authority on good movies? (As in the "well deserved" Oscar for Slumdog Wotsit.)

    Fact is, Slumdog Wotsit is over hyped shite: it starts off OK but after those opening 30 seconds it's downhill all the way to an ending more sweetly vacuous than any climax ever reached by the much-maligned Ms Hilton.

    Basically, those who give out the Oscars know sod all and are anyway all related to Tommy Lee Cooper-Jones, whose 'No Country For Old Men' could at least have been retitled on DVD to read 'No Movie For Any Viewer With Half A Brain'.

    Come on, El Reg. Leave the movie reviewing to those who know nothing about it. And stop glorifying in the alleged failure of poor Paris: she puts everything she has into a performance, takes direction well, and has been known to push the eiderdown, if not the envelope, many a time. I think she's wunnerful.

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