back to article LG wristphone reportedly priced at £1000

LG’s wristphone could cost upwards of £1000 ($1458/€1140) when launched later this year, it has emerged. LG_Watch_04 LG's GD910: could cost a grand According to a report by website Mobile Today, network operator Orange has signed a deal with LG to sell the GD910 across Europe. It’s already been reported that the phone …


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  1. Patrick


    Yes lets all make 3g video calls and see how long the battery lasts.

    I think if i want a mobile watch i can get one on ebay for less than £100 without video calls lol.

  2. skeptical i

    Certainly this is not news?

    OK, this one sure is purty, but a simple phone with none of the other doo- dads we can not escape (e.g., cameras, qwerty keyboards) has been able to fit into a stopwatch- sized case for a while now, right?

  3. M
    Thumb Down

    Well good luck to 'em

    Having had video calling features on my phones for about 4 years now and making, let me think, one call in that time to test out the video calling, this isn't a killer app for me.

    I do think that reguarly calling from a watch is pretty cool though if coupled with a bluetooth headset or something.

  4. Paulds11

    oh cmon man

    Oh Please.. this is just a gimmick phone.. can you imagine how actually impracticle itll be to use whilst at your desk, typing or on the train..

    Cant believe thisll catch on, cant understand a serious use... cant relate to the price.. Id buy a Sony laptop through ebay and an iphone with that price.

  5. Matt


    interesting idea, but £1000 you can keep it! Ive a perfectly nice Omega which while being considerably more than that, is head and shoulders above it in terms of style!

    as a freebie phone or £200 unlocked, it would make a useful hack phone whilst out on the town, or on a warm day when you dont need trouser baggage....

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