back to article Citrix undercuts VMware with XenServer giveaway

IT vendors like to try to steal each other's thunder when they know their rival is making announcements. But Citrix Systems today might have stole some lightening too as it revamps its XenServer stack and announces a deep partnership with Microsoft concerned with server virtualization. Tomorrow, VMware will open up the VMworld …


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  1. Steve


    I'm very confused.

    VMWare have the free ESXi which has bugger all management tools but is a decent hypervisor

    MS have Hyper-V, which is similar to above although needs another version or two before I look into it properly

    Now Citrix is giving aware it's hypervisor and management tools as well.

    Is that basically what's going on? Or have I missed the point?

  2. Trevor Pott Gold badge
    Thumb Up


    If I read this right, it's that Citrix is giving away it's manament toold.

    Niether Microsoft nor VMWare are doing that. This is the kicker here, at least to those of us without the budget for a $100,000 Storage server or two, and $250,000 worth of Virtual Server hardware, and $500,000 worth of VMWare software to lump on top of it.

    My org whtieboxes two-socket servers with free hypervisors and runs the whole dang stack for under $100,000K a year. For us, someone giving away management tools is HUGE. This opens up a whole new realm of virtualising Like The Big Boys while still doing it on a shoestring as we have been in the past.

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