back to article iPhone app simulates political corruption

You now can practice the skills of a corrupt Chicago politician, thanks to a new game that appeared Thursday on Apple's iTunes App Store. Inspired by the saga of the ex-Grifter Governor of Illinois, Milorad "Rod" R. Blagojevich,'s iPhone and iPod Touch game, Pay2Play (App Store link), gives you 30 days to "pay back …


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  1. Bill Cumming
    Dead Vulture

    So basically....

    ...It's a mod of the old "Drug Wars" game then..?

    ...Headstone because the game is older then most el-Reg readers.... :D

  2. Pierre

    Old but

    Reminds the old jocks aroud here how amazing these text-based adventure games were. xzip sits there for a reason. I might consider getting an i{everythingbuta}Phone finally.

  3. Lee
    Thumb Up

    @ Bill

    Thanks - knew it was familiar, but couldn't remember the name....must dig out an old copy and enjoy again

  4. Craig


    Yeah Bill, I thought it sounded like Drug Wars too!

    I misread the title of the article, thought it said "iPhone app stimulates political corruption"...

  5. Tam Lin

    Illinois - The Open Standard of Corruption

    Mod Rod was only a tiny, miniscule part of corruption. Our standards are very high - every politician, judge, district attorney, mayor, newspaper, federal prosecutor and mail carrier is required to be world-class corrupt, or we trade them for someone who is.

    Staging a Reservoir Dogs final shot here would take months.

  6. Damn Yank


    Now I have to read about our fine (disgraced) State Of IL here on The Register...

    What's next, "The Roland Burris USB reporter dodger!" ??

  7. James O'Brien


    Awww Im 27 and I remember Drug Wars.....Had alot of fun with it too.

    Now Im hurt

  8. Dai Kiwi
    Jobs Horns

    I must have had a bad day

    ...I read the headline as "iPhone stimulates political corruption"

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I wonder....

    How about Apple Wars, a simulation?

    Imagine, you have to stimulate the fanbois by releasing shiny new bling/machines with high price tags every few months then issue refunds when shoddy manufacturing releases products that crack or scratch at the drop of a hat.

    You could market product that is so locked down you hold a monopoly position on how it's used or even prevent owners from replacing consumable parts without voiding the warranty!

    I know, it probably wouldn't sell, for a simulation game to be playable the scenario has to be at least credible to sensible people.

    Paris, she's a fantasy as well.

  10. D@v3

    RE Bill and James

    James : I'm only 24 and i remember it fondly.

    Bill : Just how young do you think we are?

  11. Craig

    Re: Bill and James (FAO D@v3)

    That's a trick question isn't it? Tell us your age and then ask us what it is, there's got to be a catch... That or it was just a really daft question!

  12. Andy Barratt


    wasn't it Dope Wars?

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