back to article Microsoft plans to issue non-update update for Win 7

Microsoft will spit out dummy updates for Windows 7 beta testers next week that will probe the forthcoming operating system’s updating abilities. The software firm said no new features or bug fixes would be added via the updates that will be available from 24 February as manual downloads. Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc said on …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    one small issue

    "the updates wouldn’t actually update anything. Instead they would “simply replace system files with the same version of the file currently on the system,”"

    if that is the case, then it's not a very good test of your updating systme, as it's impossible to tell if it actually worked. it doesn't matter if windows update reports it has successfully replaced file a, with file a. if you have no way of verifying that it has actually happened.

  2. Andrew


    Ta for the update on the update that updates but doesn't update.

    And why does the get-me-coat icon look like a pick-pocket at work?

    All right - I'm going.

  3. Neil

    @ Andrew

    "And why does the get-me-coat icon look like a pick-pocket at work?"

    I always thought it looked like the invisible man receiving hand relief.

  4. Chris C


    "'These updates allow us to test and verify our ability to deliver and manage the updating of Windows 7. We typically verify servicing scenarios during a beta,' he said."

    I certainly hope he either misspoke or used "us" and "our" in the abstract sense. As I read that quote, I read and interpreted it as "These updates allow Microsoft to test and verify Microsoft's ability to deliver and manage the updating of Windows 7." I'll be damned if I ever buy a software product (or recommend it to anyone else) where the author manages the updating of it. If it's a software product that I purchased and installed on MY system, then I will be the one to manage the updating of it.

  5. Christopher Ahrens Silver badge
    Gates Halo

    That man..

    He belongs to the Microsoft Update Division, not NT-Dev.

    The files will just be bumped up one version number, something like +0.0.1, but the code inside will be the same (with a different compile date) Its really just a test of how Windows Update will work with the new OS, this has been done with every OS since Win 98, so really nothing to here folks, move along...

  6. andrew wavey
    Thumb Down

    Crash Crash

    I did an actual up date today an Nvidia Driver and got my first blue screen of death

  7. Paul Uszak

    Good for Microsoft, bad for users?

    Does this mean that they intend to push out a release ASAP which they can then 'fix' later..? Seems that they can do as little as possible to get it into the marketplace, then bolt on stuff later like DRM. If you can fix poor code the day after you release it, why bother writing good code in the first place?

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