back to article Western Digital flashes home backup and media server

Using its 1 and 2TB Caviar Green drives Western Digital is introducing a shared home backup system with media serving capabilities. The My Book World Edition plugs into a router using gigabit Ethernet and can then discover home network-connected PC and Mac desktop and notebook client hard drives. It carries out a full backup …


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  1. Chris

    Now, the last time...

    .. I used a MyBook World it was, and you can check this online with others experiences, the most painfully slow thing. WD eventually admited that the CPU used was far to sluggish to cope with the giggabit, or even really 100mbps connection and the software required to serve the files.

    I hope mistakes have been rectified in their future lines, otherwise I'll end up doing the same... taking the HDD's out and popping them into my PC anyway.

  2. Steve
    Thumb Down

    duplicate reviews

    I know the article had a little bit at the bottom mentioned the hardware review, but why is it necessary at all to review the same product twice in as many days?

  3. Anonymous Coward


    eh? this doesn't tell you anything that the review didn't. just looks like a one page rehash of the review.

  4. Craig

    Windows home server?

    I realise build-it-yourself isn't for everyone, but I think if you're serious about back ups and media sharing, you can do much better and cheaper yourself. I currently have a 4u rack (from X Case), an Atom board (from tranquil), a couple of SATA raid cards, and capacity for 10 hard drives. It's quiet, low power, and fairly cheap. I've spent less than £500 for 5tb of storage so far (including legit OEM of home server and several bits from quietpc). The great thing about Windows Home Server is you can add/remove hard drives from the pool as and when you have spare drives, new ones etc, and it all happily chugs along.

  5. Nigel Wright

    WHS isn't so hot


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