back to article Verizon preps LTE rollout for 2010

The ongoing battle over which technology will rule the future wireless-broadband world has tilted strongly in favor of Long Term Evolution (LTE), thanks to two announcements at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. On Monday, Alcatel-Lucent announced a "multi-industry initiative" called ng Connect, which will support the …


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  1. Schoofs


    So WiMAX is slowly morphing into ... WiMIN

  2. Maryland, USA

    Pssst! Consumers: Let 4G wireless be your home Internet gateway

    With the U.S. economy in shambles, customers are abaondoning cable--or at least premium cable--like rats on a sinking ship. Millenials are so savvy, I can see an entire generation deciding, "Why should I subscribe to ANY landline hgh-speed access when I can connect my computers to the Internet through my my 4G phone?" That would be cable and DSL's worst nightmare.

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