back to article Microsoft team hacks Silverlight for Chrome

The prospect of Silverlight applications running in Google's Chrome browser is in the air. A Sliverlight program manager has blogged about a hack to Microsoft's code that would get their company's media player running inside Google's fledgling browser. The hack to Silverlight lets Microsoft's player detect Chrome, clearing the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    As the ads put it...

    Defy all challenges!


    Or even "Wha daurs?"

  2. Tim Heuer

    Clarification on "hack"

    Thanks for the mention Register! To be clear, the hack I mention is ONLY for the detection script that is an OPTIONAL (but recommended) component for the browser activation of a Silverlight application. This script (Silverlight.js) is similar to the SWFObject script used by Flash developers to aid them in detecting if (and which version) of their runtime is installed. This hack I note is NOT for the runtime itself, which is why I mentioned that even though most Silverlight applications may run, there are actually a few things that will be problematic.

  3. Matware

    Um I use Chrome and Silverlight works just fine

    On all 6 sites out there using it.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    but i dont want to break Chrome by allowing silverlight to run

    i spend all my time avoiding silverlight applications and attempting to avoid downloading the blessed thing like the plague. I like Chrome at the moment *thanks* to the lack of a million plugins for it.

    Bugger'em all.

  5. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Willingness to commit

    "The Silverlight hack for Chrome - in addition to Moonlight - demonstrate the only limitation to these projects are the willingness of corporations to commit time and resources to making their software run in rivals' runtimes as first-class citizens."

    Or put another way, the only thing keeping Flash alive is the fact that Microsoft would rather screw Google than Adobe.

    Actually, given that Microsoft seem to have trouble producing an IE-compatible web browser these days, I think that willingness to commit probably isn't the only factor.

  6. Jim in Hayward

    What's the point of Silverlight?

    I mean, what is the technology that Microsoft has replaced with this? Java? Python? Quicktime? I noticed that I had to install silverlight to view Netflix Watch Instantly movies. Why now?

    I know Microsoft wants to own everything but this is getting ridiculous!

  7. David
    Gates Horns


    I use Chrome to get away from Microsoft crap and then Microsoft try and stitch their crap into my web experience. Go away!

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Both are sh*t

    Chrome is sh*t.

    Silverlight is sh*ttier sh*t.

    So to sum up the article: some sh*tty sh*t might run sh*ttily in some other sh*t

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