back to article Intel reneges on Irish job cut promise

Chipzilla plans to slash between 200 and 300 jobs in Ireland, despite chairman Craig Barrett assuring Intel workers last month that its Leixlip plant was in no immediate danger of job cuts. Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy told us the cuts are part of the company's overall scheme of consolidating its manufacturing operations in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That wasn't a promise it was an admission

    'immediate danger' - your employment contracted job only safe for the next 20 seconds.

    The economy is imploding left right and centre, and the more made unemployed, out of employment contract, the further down it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows :)

    All that we do know, is as soon as there is any recovery the taxes are going to go sky high in the UK, it will be a couple of generations in poverty, and that's because the Labour Government did not cut back on public spending early enough, impoverishing all the voters.

    They will be cutting the Public sector soon though, they just don't have enough money and no one is lending at such a low rate.

  2. Colin

    @ That wasn't a promise it was an admission

    Some questions for you AC.

    1. What in heavens name do job losses in Ireland have to do with UK taxes?

    2. Have you ever hear of the word, Bias?

    3. Do you really think the Conservatives would have done any better?

    Because they didn't when the economy failed on their watch. I'm old enough to remember when the market went down the toilet the last time and the Tories failed to stop it before a lot of people in the UK lost all they had.

    4. Are you so blind as to not see that the current problem is largely based on the failure of the financial system to prevent the overly easy access to credit by people and organistations who were, to be blunt a bad risk? A systemic policy of greed which seems to have infected all the major American and European banks and to have spread world wide due to our global economy?

    Of course the current situation sucks.

    The truth is simple, some greedy people tried to live beyond their means and the system didn't stop them. Now thanks to the greed of a few, we all have to pay for their stupidity.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Labour Governments fault

    As soon as you start letting the weak make the rules for the strong, you get a lot of weaklings. Tax the successful so that we can all be losers! Brilliant. Socialist nonsense.

  4. Ted Treen

    Long Memory......

    ALL Labour Governments end in a financial crisis - earning some nasty names for the Tories, who come to power and have to administer nasty medicine to cure the mess left by the departed Labour.

    The cycle repeats, as the general population has too short an attention span to notice this, and too little understanding to care.

    Alien - 'cos that's what NuLab are

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