back to article Hulu yanks vids from

American web TV portal has yanked its content off CBS-owned following the site's recent relaunch as a potential rival for ad-driven streaming television. Hulu is a joint venture between media giants NBC and News Corp. Both are CBS competitors, but Hulu signed on to early as a distribution partner. The …


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  1. Henry Wertz Gold badge


    So a NBC-owned portal is pulling shows that originally aired on Fox off a CBS-owned portal. Yeah. All we need now is ABC to get in the mix and we've got all 4 big networks involved.

  2. raving angry loony

    Who cares?

    All this crap is only available in the US, and the people there can just record many of these programs anyway. Let me know when someone in the US realizes that the world does not end at their national border. I for one won't be holding my breath.

  3. Geoff Johnson

    Should really be

    It's the biggest international advert for the pirate bay I've ever seen.

  4. Brain
    Thumb Down

    UK not invented here!

    hulu doesn't work for UK visitors, so what use is this to us? :-P

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    With TV in the UK being so poor

    I am seriously considering some VPN magic so I can watch Hulu et al.

  6. Jon

    > steaming content

    A steaming pile of [content]?

    Or did you mean to say "streaming"?

  7. Jerome
    Thumb Down

    Media industry suicide

    Why should I have to give a damn which network owns a show before I can go and watch it? When will these people realise that torrents are popular because they're so damn easy, not so much because they're free?

  8. B

    Should a call a Waaaaahmbulance for you?

    @raving angry loony

    " Let me know when someone in the US realizes that the world does not end at their national border."

    - I don't think people in the US have a feeling of superiority as much as you might have a feeling of inferiority. Calm down and relax. A story that has the letters US in it does not mean your house is about to be carpet bombed!

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