back to article Paris Hilton celebrates 28

It's with a great deal of pleasure that we today wish a very happy birthday to El Reg's fave celeb Paris Hilton - she without whom Fridays would in the last couple of years have been a sorry affair indeed marked merely by wholly IT-related material and bereft of something for self-appointed content guardians to bang on about at …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    pictures please

    come on you cheer up a dull day with at least a few pictures of our princess

  2. Neil
    Paris Hilton

    Oh, age!

    I thought you meant IQ!

  3. Andy Worth
    Paris Hilton

    Where's the Paris angle??

    Oh.....there it is :)

    By the way, we expect pics!!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Happy Birthday to you

    ...hope it goes with a bang, which in turn will then be a popular download for many.

  5. Paul
    Paris Hilton

    28 human years ...

    is only 4 dog years.

    Surely she's been around than that ?

  6. Steven

    God bless her...

    ...and all who sail in her.. ;o)

  7. Robert Moore

    Oh the pain.

    Paris sucking face with Bill Gates! This is an image that I will never get out of my mind.

    Curse you Lester. Curse you and your descendants for a thousand generations!

  8. Stuart Castle Silver badge

    Only 28

    Surely she has made more than 28 Grumble Flicks?

    Having sad that, she has made a small fortune selling them, so maybe she can't really be considered amateur..

  9. slack
    Paris Hilton

    Happy birthday dear Paris..

    Haaaapy birthday toooo yoooooo

  10. StillNoCouch

    I for one

    welcome the twenty-eigth year reign of our blonde overlord.

  11. V
    Paris Hilton

    Oh no

    What a depressing way to find out I share a birthday with Paris.

  12. Jonathan


    Who will put the candles on her cake for her? She cant count that high!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Thank you

    You totally ruined *my* 28th birthday coming up next week. Mostly with the realization that even if I would suck face with Bill Gates this weekend, pretty much noone would care. Even if I twitter about it.

  14. Law
    Paris Hilton


    Was waiting for the right article to send this link out for comments on el reg:

    PS - it's not-NSFW, so don't worry!

    Happy Birthday Paris, we salute you!!

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Yeah, sure

    Gates wife would just love the hell out of seeing that.....bwaaaa haaa haaa haaa haaa

  16. David

    Happy Birthday Paris

    I for one simply wish her a Happy Birthday.

    I dislike the negative jibes, usually made by the uglier members of our sickish society. Paris is a beautiful girl and suffers more from the jealousy of the holier-than-thou brigade and the lesser intelligent dirty-minded little bastard of low brain cell count, pretending to be more intelligent than her. She is just a girl of beautiful appearance who likes to live her life in her own way.

    I raise my glass to her, I think she has done well ! She has certainly done a lot better than anyone that I ever heard making comments about her, that's for sure.

  17. Chris Lovell
    Thumb Up

    RE: YEY!!!

    Surely "not-NSFW" should just be 'SFW'? Bloomin' double-negatives.

    And I'm not sure if I'm more amused by the article or the comments. Thanks to Lester and the commenters for brightening my day.

  18. Law
    Paris Hilton

    RE: RE: YEY!!!

    "Surely "not-NSFW" should just be 'SFW'?"

    Where would be the fun in that?? ;)

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