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Windows Mobile smart phones have traditionally been the workhorses of the smartphone world – capable, versatile, but never likely to win any beauty contests. On the face of it, HP's brace of new iPaq handsets - the Voice Messenger, and this, the Data Messenger - would seem to fit all too neatly into that description. HP iPaq …


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  1. boingo
    Thumb Down

    Wouldnt touch another IPAQ

    I have an HP Travel Companion - totally worthless piece of junk. Maybe its Windows or maybe its the device but you have to constantly do hardware resets.

    HP customers services treat you with contempt - they know they ship poor products but will not admit to it.

  2. Richard

    Not an iPhone "killer" then?

    .. oh its running Winblows, of course not ... excuse me whilst I reboot my Samsung SGH-i600 dumbphone with WM6 on it because it has hung again .. happens 2 -3 times a day ... good job I only really use it as a wifi <-> 3G gateway for my ipod touch otherwise I might be more upset 8-)

  3. Tim Hale
    Gates Horns

    First optical controller?

    Doesn't the Samsung Omnia have one of those? Pretty sure it does.

    Presumably the self-portrait mirror is to be used in conjunction with an inbuilt photo template with 'dumb ass' at the bottom?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Oh Lord ...

    please place all the iPhags in a small bag and chuck em all to Hell, where you shall indeed place their petty king Jobs soon. Amen.

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  6. Brian


    The Z is where the Y should be and vice versa.

  7. sleepy

    color on that (as they say over the pond)

    @Mark, Brian: German keyboard, presumably.

    @AC: Apple is generously waiting for the competition to implement smartphone basics properly before moving on to the advanced features. No luck so far for those of us longing for a more advanced iPhone.

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