back to article Huawei shows iPhone-style Android handset

Modem maker Huawei has, as expected, taken the wraps off the Android phone it hopes to bring to market in Q3. Huawei Android phone Huawei's Android iPhone phone Well, sort of - the pictures it's put out fall more in the 'concept mock-up' category than the 'in someone's hands' section. And they're clearly inspired by a …


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  1. Rat
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    Nice render. Let me know when there are some technical specs to indicate that it's something other than vapourware.

  2. Tony Hoyle

    Doesn't surprise me

    It wouldn't surprise me if they did something like this.. they're no small operator - chances are if you're using a 3G dongle it's a rebranded Huawei for example.

    Whether they can pull it off in 6 months I'm not so sure... they can do the hardware for sure, but Android will still need to be ported to it, then there's the whole thing about certifying it for use in various countries...

  3. Chris

    Is this

    a Geordie phone company? Have they made any phones anyone's bought before?

  4. Adam


    Does every new touchscreen phone have to be compared to the iphone? I'm getting a bit sick of it and think they should be judged on their own merits. Anyway, IMHO the Touch HD beats the iphone an should the new yardstick if you insist on using one.

  5. Scott Mckenzie

    The iPhone is the benchmark.. the sales figures (that thing companies want to know about) suggest so.

    A Touch HD whilst a good phone, is not a patch on an iPhone for useability - sure it does some good stuff and is better than many recent HTC offerings, crikey there isn't a sat nav that works properly on it yet as they use a strange screen res.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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