back to article HTC launches updated Touch Diamond and Pro

HTC today announced updates to two of its flagship touchscreen mobile phones, unveiling the Touch Diamond 2 and the Touch Pro 2. HTC_Touch_diamond_2 HTC's Touch Diamond 2: Distinguishing between the two is actuallu pretty difficult, since both handsets mirror one another on features at almost every turn. Only looks truly …


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  1. Stu


    I really liked the Diamond v1, except for the slow 3D touchflo interface. I'd love to see it improved all round as it has a lovely form.

    Lets just hope HTC properly realise that (better?) 2D and 3D acceleration hardware is a necessity because Windows Mobile devices with higher res screens, above your conventional 320x240 displays present in devices up to the HTC TyTn II, were always typically quite sluggish.

    Anybody remember that slow-arsed HTC Universal (I think) we knew it as the Orange SPV M5000. Leads you to think that such devices refresh the display straight from the ARM CPU - not a good idea.

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  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "....tilt Xpedia X1-fashion."

    i think you mean Xperia :)

  4. Paul R
    Thumb Up


    I like the feature set of them, just not sure about the design of the Touch Pro 2. I think I prefer the black design of my Touch Pro.

  5. James Howell


    I have just purchased the Nokia E71 on build quality, design and speed of interface. Oh, and on the fact from the looks and reports, it may just be a replacement for the 6310i I loved so much all those years ago, and which is still going strong for the person I sold it to.

    Purchasing the (E71) handset Sim Free is cheaper than getting one of these in their v1 incarnation, even with a contract. I can only imagine how pricy these are going to be.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Confused now!

    Darn! I was considering the Palm Pre as my next device, now they've made it all confusing again (with the Pro 2)! It'll be the new and flashy and untested against old and familiar but sexy.. Choices, choices..

    And I have nothing against Windows Mobile, it's occasionally fiddly but very capable - and uncrippled.

    I have an ipod nano with a 3.5mm jack which I can operate in my pocket by feel.

    And the trusty old and still functional 6310i, sleeping peacefully in a cozy drawer.

  7. Jim Coleman


    I have a Touch Pro and I've considered upgrading to the TP2 (I'm on SIM only, so no contract to wait out!) but I think I will wait until it's offered with WinMob 6.5 pre-installed. I know HTC are offering a free upgrade to 6.5 when it comes out but I'd rather see it actually running on the phone first, ta very much.

    Winmob is my OS of choice, primarily because of all the cheap, high-quality applications available for it. It's so good, my Touch Pro has become my default PC - my desktop at home gets used for not much more than synching my phone and hosting my media.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3.5mm headphone jack?

    The Touch HD has this, and that's one of the compelling reasons for it.

    Does the Touch Pro 2 have one, or do they expect you to buy a stupid little USB-headphone converter again?

  9. Robert Grant Silver badge

    Screen res

    I hope they update the screen res with the larger screen size. Diamond with a 2.8" screen in 640x480 is gorgeous.

  10. Nick Palmer
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    "The Pro 2’s screen also has the advantage of being able to tilt Xpedia X1-fashion."

    Never mind the spelling fail, I think you mean "TyTN II-fashion", which, oddly enough, has been doing this for a while now...

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