back to article Adobe and Nokia pledge $10m for Flash and AIR apps

Adobe and Nokia are offering developers a Google-size pile of cash as incentive to write applications for Flash Player and AIR running across different types of devices. The companies today unveil a $10m fund to assist development and marketing of applications that further the Open Screen Project. They are making the …


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  1. Pete "oranges" B.


    More bloat and unnecessary complexity.

  2. Steve Foster

    Flash is worthless

    As is Adobe in general.

    Can anyone point to a _single_ useful website that would be impossible without flash?

    Thank goodness I have a browser like Opera that lets me disable that crap.

  3. sleepy

    More half hearted Apple copying

    Adobe followed Microsoft down the bloatware / lock in route years ago. We have antivirus suites for MS, and Flash/ad blockers for Adobe. Thank goodness I don't need either for iPhone.

    If Nokia is such a big cellphone player (installed base 100 times Apple's?) how come their fund only gets $10M when Kleiner Perkins' iPhone fund is $100M?

    Perhaps the recession will finally persuade companies that push advertising is dead, and Flash can become a blessing rather than a curse.

  4. Tom Chiverton

    Useful ?

    @Steve Foster

    Apparently, BBC iPlayer on Linux is impossible without Flash

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tedious anti-flash troll by MS drone, yawn

    I think Steve Fosters drab and miserable world would be enlightened to a visit to, though I doubt such a whinger would find the artistry and innovation on show in the featured sites to his flat-earth taste. The popularisation of video on the web is directly down to Flash having made it easily consumable cross-browser, but I guess his own site is so successful that Youtube's billions in worth don't register. As an MS drone, he's probably not aware of how market leading products like Photoshop could hardly be described as worthless. Certainly worth more than MS paint. What's worthless is his predictable and tedious 'anti-flash' troll post.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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