back to article 2008 a top year for UK games sales

Recession notwithstanding, the games software sales in the world's biggest markets grew 11 per cent last year. UK sales alone were up 26 per cent year on year - and more than double 2003's sales. The figures come from NPD in the US, GfK Chart-Track here and Enterbrain in Japan. Some 409.9m game packages were sold worldwide in …


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  1. Doug Glass


    Got one for sub drivers?

  2. Iain

    "Shift to consoles"

    "Over here, there was a big shift to consoles, with console-oriented software sale up 38 per cent year on year."

    It's worth remembering that these numbers only measure sales of physical product in shops. When they miss everything sold over Steam and competitors, along with all those World of Warcraft subscription fees, any statement on the health of the PC game market seems somewhat less than rigorously researched.

  3. PsyWulf
    Paris Hilton


    Amirite in remembering the contrived statements and media notices that piracy was killing the gaming industry's sales swiftly?

    Right...tin foil hat time

    Paris - she knows how to boost sales

  4. Britt Johnston

    but games cost more than in 2003...

    What about comparing units sold?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    You failed to mention..

    How the order of software sales, with PS3 sitting pretty at the top, with the most profitable platform.

    Wii, nobody buys games, besides MarioKart and Wii Sports.

    360, piracy is so rampant, vast numbers of users just get their games on Bittorrent.

    PSP ditto.

    DS ditto.

  6. IR

    It must be piracy!

    Oh wait, sales went up? It's the great use of DRM stopping piracy!

  7. Charles Tsang

    @Doug Glass

    French Sub Joking aside, yes, there is.

    Look up "Dangerous Waters" by Sonalysts.

    Very good, but very complex. There are some good guides out there about starting with the MH60 Helicoptor to get used to basic operations (with dipping Sonar and sonar buoys).

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