back to article Taliban man loves his iPhone

The Taliban's former ambassador to Pakistan has been outed as a fanboy for the iPhone. Despite banning most forms of new technology when in power it seems even the Taliban have bowed to the force of Apple's marketing. Mullah Zaif told al-Jazeera's man in Kabul Hamish Macdonald he was addicted to the handset and internet …


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  1. Johan Vavare


    iSlam ?

  2. Ralph B

    What comes next ...

    What comes next is WLAN-equipped Cruise missiles capable of homing in on a particular MAC address. Or GSM-equipped, homing in on a particular IMSI. Take your pick.

    And dig.

  3. N


    Just deploy the app 'Taliban near me' & we could scoop the lot of em

  4. Cameron Colley

    Hopefully this may send a message.

    With any luck such a blatant show of hypocrisy will either turn more people against these fuckwits or lead to the guy being blown up -- either would be a good thing.

  5. Thomas

    Yes, I think I've spoken to this person...

    ... the Apple fan with the ridiculously extreme views who won't tolerate dissent? I'm sure I've seen him around on the internet.

  6. OrsonX
    Jobs Halo

    TOYOTA pickups, iPhones, AK47s & a copy of the koran

    it's a mad world

  7. hikaricore
    Thumb Down

    hi, yea

    no one cares...

  8. Sam


    "Why is your answering service on? Phone me back, or I KILL YOU!"

  9. The Fuzzy Wotnot
    Thumb Up

    Ahhh! Hypocrites!

    I just love these people, as usual, "Do as we say, not as we do!".

    Technology is bad peasants, you are better off in blissful ignorance! ( Ooh, look Mohammed, a little iphone applet to show BinLardy dancing around the screen, how cool is that?! ) Down with decadent Western tech that corrupts the purity of the soul! ( Oooh, I got my email from from my fridge to say we need more milk! ) The great Satan in the West must die! ( Yeah right, but please not Mr Jobs, he's so cool! )

  10. hugh
    Jobs Horns

    its not a great leap

    from one fundamentalist religion to another.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns



    surely they only want it for Google maps?

    Whats that? Terrorists like to have a good time too?


  12. James Minney

    So that's one iPhone in Afghanistan?

    Given what a limited high-security circle some people move in, it's not unreasonable to suppose that Mr NATO spotted one and the same gent whipping out his iPhone with such panache.

  13. Daniel Garcia
    Jobs Halo

    A clear signal that they know

    Steve job's works are Bless by Allah Himself.


  14. Adam Foxton
    Thumb Up

    iPhones- Phones for Terrorists

    Clearly we should take off and nuke all the iPhone owners/factories from orbit.

    It's the only way to make sure.

  15. Bad Beaver
    Paris Hilton

    Nobody told him

    it's the Jesus Phone?

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Taliban with Jesus Phone

    Who'd have thought?

  17. JRallo
    Black Helicopters

    Goes along nicely...

    With the article last week about The Gov wanting to have iPhones snapping 'high rez real time' imagery... Probably JUST BEFORE the missile hits... "Dude, did you see the look on that guy's face?" ... Also makes one wounder if there is a 'kill bit' on the GPS...

  18. Steven Hunter

    Style Nit-Pick

    "Just last week, a Nato bigwig..."

    NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is an acronym, and as such all the letters should be capitalized.

    That or you've misspelled "Nattō", the Japanese fermented soybean dish.

  19. James O'Brien
    Thumb Up


    Jeff Dunham......Priceless

  20. Martyn

    surely only for...

    surely they would only have it for the sniper app mentioned on here and the google maps

  21. James O'Brien

    iJihad anyone?

    That is all.

    /Mines the one with the AK-47 inside.

  22. whoami

    Is it true?

    I heard they are now in even better terms with iQaeda

  23. Matthew


    they'll be ibomb apps coming soon

  24. Steve Sherlock

    Powered by...

    Li-ion of mass destruction?

  25. Anonymous Coward

    The reliable CIA

    "The CIA reckons there are about 600,000 internet users out of a total population of just under 33 million."

    Does anyone believe what the CIA says any more or have they found those WMDs in Iraq ?

    The CIA fact book is useful for homework, nothing more serious that than.

  26. BioTube
    Black Helicopters

    This explains the AppStore

    After all, why else would they ban iBoobs? JOBS IS A TERRORIST!!!!!!!

    As to the NATO v Nato guy, it's a British thing: pronunciable acronyms are recorded as if proper nouns. It's kinda like the extra U in 'color', 'honor', etc and and drastic mispronunciation of -re: just something to keep the inmates happy and, most importantly, planted firmly IN the asylum. Or do you WANT Wacky Jacqui over here?

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