back to article Intel convenes iPhone hitman summit

Intel may build its own iPhone. Or maybe not. According to Silicon Valley gossip site Valleywag, Intel recently gathered a gaggle of gawking giga-geeks to garner gabble regarding its gadget goals. Apparently, Chipzilla hosted an "invite-only 'brain drain'" to solicit opinions on its plans for a new gee-whizzy smartphone based …


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  1. Charles Manning

    Vallywag is a moron

    Intel isn't the only company making chips and almost everyone makes ARM chips. Apple bought their chip maker after they started making iphones and have never used Intel parts for this purpose.

    Intel once made ARM chips, but sold that off to Marvel - a long time before the iphone came along.

    It seems rather odd that Intel would start trying to drum up interest in a market segment it has pulled out of.

    Sure Android can be deployed on x86 and has been run up on Atom, but Atom is nowhere near low power enough, or physically small enough, to play in the mobile phone space.

    Perhaps Intel is trying to do some Android based laptotting, but that's hardly competing with iphone.

  2. Jamie Hylton
    Thumb Down

    sick of iPhone wannabees

    wish they'd stop trying to create iPhone killers... can't someone come up with something original...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Something original out of the valley?

    Highly doubtful...All one has to do is read the classified ads to see what companies are hiring and the positions they are hiring for. There are very few that are trying to innovate during this recession with the possible exception of Apple, Palm, and Amazon's Kindle group...

    I do have a complaint directed to Apple. Why AT&T for the iPhone? Why the aging dinosaur of the telecommunications industry?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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