back to article Red Dwarf touches down in Coronation Street

Friday 10 April will, as we previously reported, see the first installment of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth - digital channel Dave's resurrection of the classic sci-fi series which forms part of its Red Dwarf weekend. The new outing is written by the show's co-creator Doug Naylor and features Chris Barrie as Rimmer, Craig Charles …


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  1. Yorkshirepudding

    one assumes

    they are there to pickup dave from his cabbie job in an alternate reality!

  2. Lionel Baden
    Thumb Up

    any ideas

    of where to get this streamed online

    I will be watching rapidshare very carefully and the 11 (ohh my birthday)

  3. Rob Beard

    I'm looking forward to this

    As a fan of both Corrie and Red Dwarf I really am looking forward to this. Hopefully it'll be as good as the early seasons. Maybe Danny John-Jules (aka Milton Wordsworth) can arrange a cameo appearance for Jelly & Jackson from the Story Makers too.

    I'm glad Dave has commissioned it, if the Beeb did it they'd enforce the required 'Strictly Come Dancing' theme tune and probably a special appearance by Dr Who.


  4. Joe Montana
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    Three? Lister has been there for quite some time already...

  5. Tony Hoyle

    Has rimmer changed?

    Is that Chris Barrie, or someone else.. or is it just an odd camera angle?

  6. Ash


    Are they appearing in Corrie or are they using the Rovers' as a set in Back to Earth?

  7. Horridbloke
    Paris Hilton

    Deliberate mistake?

    Err, when we last saw Arnold Rimmer wasn't he alive and not a hologram? So why the "H" on the forehead now? (Sorry if I'm the 117th person to point this out)

  8. GrahamT

    Craig Charles in Correy?

    How will they reconcile the fact that he already plays a character in Coronation street? Are StreetCars going to go extraterrestrial "He's just passed Ursa Minor; he'll be with you in five minutes."

    Still, I guess Steve is looking more and more like an alien.

  9. Peter Kay

    oh &deity;

    It's going to be even worse than I feared. They should have killed it off in the fifth series (except for Gunmen of the Apocalypse in the sixth series, and the first two episodes of the seventh.)

  10. Dick Emery
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    Age for RD

    Or rather they're looking somewhat older. But they could be decrepit and we'd still enjoy it.

  11. John

    are they going to rescue Lister

    from Steve McDonald's mum?

  12. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)


    The Corrie thing is one of those obvious in-jokes, however they're going to do it. And I can't remember what happened to Rimmer but, come on, it was an especially silly sci-fi comedy, it'll probably open with an expositionary quip about how he was alive but then, er, died again in some amusingly daft/ironic fashion?


  13. Bod

    Oh dear

    Sounds similar to the cheesy Doctor Who / Eastenders crossover. Though at least that was for "charidee".

    Obviously cashing in on CC's current role in Corrie though.

    Just hope Dave can provide the laughs unlike the Sky/BBC effort with Blackadder Back & Forth.

  14. twat

    people die/ come back to life

    People die and come back to life all the time on soaps, except this time Rimmer has done the reverse.

    Mines the one with the curry stains on it

  15. Neil

    Thank you Rob Beard!

    StoryMakers!! For ages I'd been bothered by the fact that I couldn't figure out who that was on Storymakers... and I'm huge RD fan. Must be the lack of teeth or something completely throwing me off the scent.

  16. Richard Sloan

    Re: Rimmer

    In the last series, when they bring the ship back, they inadvertantly bring back holographic Rimmer. Hardlight hologram Rimmer (aka the worse Ace Rimmer ever) is still out there somewhere in the dwarf universe...

  17. James


    Dave TV is streamed (legally) here:

  18. Anonymous Coward
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    You are all a bunch of...


    heehee - love it when Kryten says that. Long live RD!!

    " No silicon heaven? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go? "

    - Kryten, The Last Day

  19. Yorkshirepudding

    nerd alert

    the last time we saw rimmer he was alive and well but was left on a self destructing red dwarf, he was about to be escorted away by death when he kneed him in the happy sacks and ran off proclaiming "better smeg than dead"

    mines the one with the blue midget keys

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Killed it

    They are supposed to be over 3 million years in the future, but get back to earth in the 21st century WTF? And onto Coronation Street at that!

    Going to watch it anyway, but I really hope it will be better than I am imagining

  21. Peter Kay

    Multiple rimmers

    The question is which Rimmer.

    There are two Rimmers in the original Red Dwarf universe - the first is hologram Rimmer, who turns into Ace in series seven. Then there's nano reconstructed Rimmer in series eight.

    After that, there's the thousands of parallel universe Rimmers.

    I'm betting on nano reconstructed Rimmer being killed off. It'll still be shit though.

  22. Anonymous Coward
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    Only one thing to say.....

    SMEG !

  23. Tawakalna

    stoke me a clipper.. eck, us'll be back fer't Christmas (or even Easter)

    what if the crew wake up and realise that their Red Dwarf existence was all a simulation and that they're just fading second-rate actors on a kitchen-sink soap opera long past it's best? :)

  24. Stevie


    At the rate this show - excellent in its day - is refusing to die, Arnold Rimmer will, contrary to his tiny avatar's boast, *will* need a Zimmer.

    Next up - Z Cars: The Next Generation.

  25. Andrew Halliwell

    Re:It's a win-win situation (for them)

    At the beginning of the series, red dwarf had been found... flying on an exploritory mission in the starbug's laundry basket populated by krytens self-repair nanites (they'd taken the ship, and converted most of its mass into a small moon... After kryten gave them a strict telling off, they recreated red dwarf, along with all the dead crew (including rimmer).

    The last episode ran something like this (to refresh your memories)...

    Red Dwarf got infected with some metal eating superbug.

    The science department developed a portal into a mirror universe which Lister entered, to find everything reversed, he was the captain, the captain was as useless as lister is normally, cat was a genius, etc.

    The mirror universe had an antigen that could kill off the superbug on "our" red dwarf, so dave took the formula, but when he travelled back through the portal, it transformed to the formula of the superbug itself, leaving the dwarf doomed.

    In the last scene, cat, lister and kryten made it through the portal to escape red dwarf's destruction, but a vending machine that had it in for rimmer prevented him from going through when the ship blew up (meaning yep, he's dead again).

  26. Mart

    Dwayne Dibley!

    I hope he makes a cameo, them teeth and the hair crack me up

  27. Bumhug
    Thumb Down

    plot spoiler

    Is it just me or does that sound a rubbish story? If thats the best they can come up with its no wonder the movie never happend and the show got relegated to Dave.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    RE: Deliberate mistake?

    Not if we pretend that series 7 and 8 never happened. Which they didn't. like those other Star Wars films I've heard about ... pure fiction.

  29. M

    Oh Dear

    I am hoping that this will be good down to the ends of my luxuriant curlicues.

    If not, well, I know where CC lives...(or used to live anyway)

    Redbourn (if it helps).

    We definitely need a 'meh' icon.


  30. This post has been deleted by its author

  31. Ross Fleming

    @Lionel Baden

    Fill yer boots mate! Any difficulties from foreign shores, get a UK based mate to sign you up.

  32. Jeremy
    Thumb Up

    The real reason Rimmer/Barrie is scowling...

    Obviously Robert Llewellyn has fluffed his lines again and is having to read them off Doug Naylor's fingertip.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Be afraid. Be *very* afraid.

    I think we're jumping the shark.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Be afraid. Be *very* afraid.

    I fear we're jumping the shark in a big styleee.

  35. The Mysterious Panda
    Paris Hilton

    Who's the guy on the left?

    He bears an uncanny resemblance to Norman Lovett from this angle...

    Paris, because she's always wanted to do a red dwarf, I'm told.

  36. Steven Raith
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    'Crap plot' complaints

    Um, given the sparse details on the digitalspy link, and how some of the other plots from the rest of the series have sounded over the years and have turned out to be great, I think taking the idea that 'is that the best they can do' without seeing the writing behind it, is stonkingly arrogant, not to mention fundamentally idiotic.

    If Craig Charles thinks a lot of it, given how the cast haven't exactly been shy in giving their opinions on where the rest of the series had problems [see the commentaries on the DVDs], then I'm prepared to hold judgement till I see it...

    Steven R

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Woohooo @Mysterious Panda.

    I really hope that's Norman Lovett, t;'was never the same after Holly changed.

    Paris, Liz McDonald in the making.

  38. Horridbloke
    Gates Horns

    @Nathan Hobbs

    "No he was still a hard-light hologram, albeit he had become the next Ace Rimmer and the H disappeared, but that was just a software change. He went of to travel the universe and be handsome and brave in the dimension jump ship."

    The Rimmer at the end of the last season, last seen kicking Death in the unmentionables, was the nanothingy-reconstructed-along-with-red-dwarf-and-the-rest-of-its-crew Rimmer. Sorry Dwarf fans, that last season wasn't just a bad dream brought on by late-90s alcopops. I guess the original-holographic-now-hardlight-now-replacement-ace-Rimmer must still be out there somewhere...

    I'm thrilled to hear it's going to be a jokey cross-over with Coronation Street though. Can we look forward to Lister taking time out to present special editions of Robot Wars and Cyberzone ("Ooger Wooger")? That would make it even more perfect.

    Evil Bill Gates because he's obviously the scriptwriter.

  39. Ed


    How can anyone complain about this....God damit its red dwarf.

    What other show in the history of TV has had a curry eating Trex shit on the captain of a star ship

  40. Meghan Stewart

    Smeggin' hell

    All of us poor people who happen to be on the wrong side of the pond have to hope that BBCA will air it or it comes out on DVD soon.

    @Ross Fleming

    TVCatchup checks to see where your IP is based, so its a no-go for us yanks. The only way I've seen around it is a proxy server based out of the UK that charges an arm and a leg for decent enough bandwidth to stream the media

    (hrmmm maybe an IP spoof might work too,, need to test that theory)

    Just reading this, I now have a sudden urge to go get a curry and pompadoms for dinner tonight.

  41. Thomas Kenyon

    Better Smeg Than Dead

    I thought that when rimmer kneed death in the balls he said. 'Only the good die young'.

    I thought better smeg than dead was when they were fighting their future selves at the end of a previous series. (or the cats better anything than that wig).

  42. DJ Beardsall


    This worries me rather. I'm sure it's not what it looks like and it'll turn out to be something terribly clever and funny, but... I don't like the look of this. As a life-long (since age 7) Red Dwarf fan, I really hope they don't make any more after this. Especially not a movie. Let it die.

  43. Phil Parker
    Thumb Up

    Good idea

    I'm liking this idea. Now all we need is a Dalek family to move into Albert Square and I would start watching Eastenders...

  44. Randle McDandle

    Mashup crime

    pleeeease no more genre f*** is also a scorched earth situation in the antipodes and banal stuff like coro that never got a look in while i was in the uk is considered "shakespeare of the modern age" down here!

  45. Anonymous Coward

    Jumped the shark?

    The shark was jumped when Rob Grant was no longer involved, if its not the Gestalt entity Grant-Naylor writing it, it's not propper Red Dwarf.

  46. Simon Bache

    @Meghan Stewart


  47. Meghan Stewart

    I wil

    @ Simon-- Thanks. I will have to check them out

  48. pctechxp

    Its very sad

    To see there are so many fans of a quality, intelligent comedy that are also fans of inane crap such as coronation street.

  49. Seán

    Get the Fuck off my...

    Rimmer looks very Christian Bale-ish in that shot.

  50. Gordon Crawford


    DvD s when?

  51. Tkirk

    Better Dead than Smeg...

    "Better Smeg Than Dead

    By Thomas Kenyon Posted Wednesday 11th February 2009 22:37 GMT

    I thought that when Rimmer kneed death in the balls he said. 'Only the good die young'.

    I thought better smeg than dead was when they were fighting their future selves at the end of a previous series. (or the cats better anything than that wig). "

    You're right, Rimmer actually said "Better Dead than Smeg" and it was at the end of "Out of Time" the last episode of series VI. I can't remember what he said at the end of series VIII because I kind of stopped paying attention after the end of Grant Naylor.

    Alien, because you know that Rimmer's right and they're responsible for everything ;)

  52. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    to all people...

    ... saying how have they gone back in time, early on in the show (think its the statis leak episode) lister finds out that he finds a way back in time to marry the bird he fancies (can't spell her name, cba to try :P ) some time in the future (5 years the future lister said i think)

    So cannon wise them going back in time is already there!

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