back to article Dell launches perfume ad teaser site for Macbook Air rival

Dell is definitely taking a page from Apple with the imminent launch of its Adamo ultra-portable laptop. Not only does the PC giant have the anticipated mobile pinned as a Macbook Air killer, Dell has been as tight-lipped on details as the Cupertino-based cult. Dell's been seriously milking the Adamo intrigue business for …


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  1. Roger Williams

    Silk purse, sow's ear, etc.

    Hardware specification aside, it's hard to imagine how the combination of Dell and Vista could conceivably create anything remotely likely to attract would-be Macbook Air buyers...

  2. Jerry Masterson

    Dell licensed to install OS X?


    You're comparing apples to a pile of dog crap, or steaming pile of dog crap if it's running Vista.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Apple is not referenced by Dell at all

    The only thing in common with the Air (aside from non-replaceable battery) will be the price. i.e. it'll be priced for people with more money than sense. It does have ports (display port and eSATA) however !

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Pictures and words

    Engadget had some Adamo photos a while ago...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Dell make cheap plastic shite that might well work for a bit but will never be exciting, sleek or desirable. Shoddy but utilitarian in my experience.

    To try and compete with Apple smacks of desperation or arrogance - can't decide which it is.

    Paris? cheap and plastic, natch.

  6. J

    What else?

    "But if you're looking for a website to watch a loop of four models shot in black and white looking sexy, it's really terrific resource."

    Much better than a Dell, innit?

  7. Rocco
    Jobs Horns


    Handbags at dawn, defensive Apple fanboys ahoy!

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Pictures and words

    Erm, that thing isn't competing with the Macbook Air at all! It looks more like a badly-executed (and slightly thicker) clone of my old black 13-inch MacBook -- except that It doesn't run OSX, and I'll bet you won't be able to buy it for anything like the $1299 I paid for the MacBook!

  9. Henry Wertz Gold badge


    Brilliant! Given the photo it's obviously a hat-top!

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Isn't OSX the steaming pile of crap that people replace with XP? Isn't bootcamp just so you can have something useful running on your fashion trinket?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    A site dedicated to collecting email addresses. Spammers would love to break into that database, I'm sure.

  12. George

    He he he

    Looks like the Apple fan club will go bananas over this one...

  13. Allan Rutland

    Oddly enough...

    The second MB Air I ever saw was actually running Vista. All turned out the user hated the pre-installed OS so much he upgraded it to something more useful. No jokes here, real world situation. If there is a demand for it, maybe Dell might have something here.

  14. Blue Pumpkin

    Prior art(ist)

    Maybe Mr Adamo will have something to say.

    Infringes trade mark or trading name or something.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    What a pile of crap, a piss poor effort to copy Apple yet again, which falls miserably on its arse, once again. When will Windoze morons just accept that their OS and their machines are utter shit and get back to fighting viruses. Weak minded fools.

  16. Stephen Dooley

    Re: Rubbish

    Pile of crap? Piss poor effort? I presume you've somehow seen the spec then before the rest of planet earth and aren't just commenting on those photos....

  17. passionate indifference
    Thumb Up

    i want one

    All I've had from Dell is laptops that overheat and die.

    This is based solely from owning an XPS M1710 which almost survived being kicked around in a campervan going around NZ for two weeks before its notably flawed graphics cooling failing back in Oz. I probably broke some horrific quarantine laws importing the two pounds of filth that are probably clogging it up back into the country.

    I'm personally bored of netbooks - they're simple commodities that ably do the limited job they were designed for. More innovation in the laptop front is to be credited.

    Still bored of Vistabashing though. Vista's fine now, leave the poor thing alone. Bashing Vista still isn't getting you laid, you know.

  18. Bob Scratchit
    Paris Hilton

    Dull, dull, dull... (Re: Oddly enough...)

    Not the machine - it's fine enough, for a Dell.

    I mean all the flaming from non-mac owners at 'Mac fanboys'.

    The only reason that guy is running Vista on his Air? He's been conditioned by the Microsoft borg over so many years, he must now be fully assimilated... does he also run a betamax video recorder and can't get the hang of his 6lb portable carphone?

    Running Bootcamp is like sullying a virgin: disproportionately desirable by some weirdos, a necessity of circumstance for others. Bootcamp is for people who like to appear shiny and expensive on the outside, while being inadequate/dirty on the inside.

    Paris, because...

  19. M

    Adamo = Netbook

    Quote "it's not being marketed as a netbook, which means it shouldn't be running on an Atom chip."

    Ohhh yes it is being marketed as a netbook.

    decribes it as a "a 10-inch netbook "

  20. James Prior

    Why not the E4200 ?

    Why would you buy the Adamo over the E4200? Already an ultra-light 12" model which, going from the photos of the Adamo, doesn't look any thicker and can be upgraded to quite a powerful machine (max 5Gb RAM etc.)

  21. Lee
    Jobs Horns

    Hmm if this was around a year ago

    I might not have got my XPS M1330. Still, that thing's going well - and I was a naysayer for many years after being dumped-on at work with an Inspiron D610. Crap performance, crap screen, crap design...

    Thankfully I left that job and got over my hatred of Dell laptops. I also now have a Mini 9 running linux.

    It looks well thought out and vents well, expands well, hopefully performs well. But I'm sure it'll be 30% more than my XPS was ..... and that was as much as I wanted to pay.

    For the haters, I'm sure you'll be able to make a Hackintosh out of it ;-)

  22. Simon Buttress

    Re: I want one & Pictures and Words

    Re: I want one - Unlucky with your M1710. Mine has survived being kicked around Asia for over a year and is still running beautifully.

    Re: Pictures and words - My science (note, there is no god) that laptop looks bloody awful!

  23. Pete James

    It's rubbish!

    It's like MacDonalds trying to market a Gordon Ramsay range.

    The teaser site is contrived and the wording used is clumsy and ill-conceived. It smacks of second-year student project thought. Which is about par for the course for that bunch.

    Dell really should stop any pretence at being an aspirational brand and just stick to what they're already bad at - plastic bricks.

    The only whorthwhile alternative to the Air is Lenovo's offering, which is some detail areas is a mile better. And they're retreating like the French in a handbag fight; the UK presence will be decimated pretty soon by the way.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I see....

    Sure is defensive apple users in here. Don't worry, nobody is going to make you buy one. Incidentally, I thought "OSX ARE TEH BETTER THAN WINDOWS" went out of fashion in the 90's.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    re: re: Rubbish

    I don't really care what its like.

    If they wanted a high-end product they should have "invested" in a separate company which produced these things.

    I wouldn't buy high-end stuff made by a mail order company. Even the "E" in their logo is falling over.

    Luxury requires a track-record. That's why "own brand" products generally compete on price: you have to ditch the baggage of the rest of the products with the same branding if you want premium status.

    Paris could have told you that.

    Did I mention that when I viewed the website I got the "gimme your details" form blinking through the flash presentation? I've never had that before.... not a good start.

  26. Anonymous Coward


    A bad workman blames his tools, or he is a tool, take your pick. There's nothing wrong with Vista at all. There were certainly issues in the early days but they've been fixed.

    This may or may not be a nice machine. The Mac Air is certainly nice but flawed: 1 usb slot FFS! OS X is just an operating system, a tool for doing a job in the right hands. It's no better or worse than Vista though at least on Vista you stand a chance of finding the software you need is available. Remember the OS X user base, and hence developer base, is tiny.

    I have had nightmares with Dell over the years. These days I pay for the Dell On-Site Warranty and those nightmares are now theirs. My machine goes wrong and they have to come out and fix it which they do. They fixed my XPS M1330 only the other week. Try getting that kind of service from Apple. A mate bought a £2k Mac laptop a few years ago and it packed in after a year and few months outside the warranty. The cost to fix it was ludicrous. He went back to PCs.

    I've put my name down for further details, not that I intend to buy but I am curious so I guess the ad worked in my case.

  27. Lionel Baden


    i hate it that you cant remove the battery !!!


    Shit i just spilt lemonade on my laptop What do i do


    ermm i cant !! wait let me get my screwdriver whilst the innards corrode away !!!

    yes removing the batter and taking apart and cleaning every surface with a damp cloth will revive a dead Vaio ... hmm i wonder how i found out !!

  28. Liam Johnson
    Paris Hilton

    @Pete James

    >>It's like MacDonalds trying to market a Gordon Ramsay range.

    Since when can the PM cook????

  29. Pete James

    @Liam Johnson

    Liam, since when was the PM called Gordon Ramsay?

    Of course, the current squatter at Number 10 has often been accused of cooking the books.

    That was a really obvious joke. Sorry.

  30. Liam Johnson

    @@Pete James

    Sorry, I thought the Paris Icon would give the game away. Wasn’t she saying just last week how much she enjoyed dinner at Gordon Brown’s restaurant?

  31. Ascylto

    Grow up!

    @Tedious (AC)

    Your "mate bought a £2k Mac laptop a few years ago and it packed in after a year and few months outside the warranty"

    Packed in after A YEAR+ OUTSIDE of warranty!

    So if he had paid for AppleCare he'd have had 3 years cover. Just like you pay Dell.

    So who is the biggest tosser, your mate? Or is it you for having such a tosser as a mate?

  32. Pete James

    @@ Liam Johnson

    Liam, I had no idea she said that. 20 Brownie (sorry) points to you squire.

  33. Matt

    my god! my eyes!!

    seriously... that is awful! no style whatsoever... place one next to a MBA and noone would even notice it...

    adamo - even has a crappy name! Cant compare it to a mac anyway, so for PC rivals, id much rather an XPS1330 from dell, or if we are talking £1k+ pc's a Sony TZ series or at a push a Toshiba R600...

    the teasing from the advert is something akin to visiting a strip bar on the promise of something amazing, only to be confronted with some toothless, lazy eyed, old hag who has been a fingerprint magnet for many a year!!!

  34. Matt

    and it gets worse!

    just flipped the page back and had a shufti at the power adapter...

    I take it noone on the design team has ever used a plug socket before??

    dare I say it, Apple has hit the nail on the head perfectly with their design... integrated cable tidy and the plug is no wider than a standard plug with the ability to fit into a crowded mains splitter, the dell affair with its bonkers girth will consume the 3 spaces on a uk 4 way gang! and possibly even take up both sides of a normal domestic twin wall plate!

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