back to article Analyst predicts cut-price, updated 3G iPhone models

A market analyst has compiled a list of potential features that he’s claimed could be included on an upcoming cut-price iPhone. new_iphone_potential_spec Abramsky's predictions for a cut-price iPhone (left) and updated model The list comes from RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Abramsky who - according to a report by …


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  1. Josh
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    This is just pants. Better specifications than he claims in a $99 iPhone CutPriceTM can be found in other phones for contracts c. £20/mo...

  2. richard

    how do i become an analyst?

    i predict something, and it may or may not happen...can i charge a fee for this?

  3. Jerome

    Stating the obvious

    Where does one apply for a job as an obvious-stater? None of this stuff is surprising in the least. If Apple can't pull off the minor upgrades listed here, even their glorious UI won't keep them in the smartphone game for long. The only part I'd take issue with is the lack of 3G in the cheaper model - it hardly costs anything to build in, it will be present on both models.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Entry Level"

    So the entry level one will just be first gen iphone in a different case?

  5. Robert Hill

    EDGE in the UK?

    I know that O2 had to build a new EDGE network just to support the original iPhone in the UK. Does anyone know of Orange or T-Mobile UK even have an EDGE network to support the new, cheaper iPhone? And if not, would it even be worth their bother for a phone that would not be exclusively licensed by them and now is being caught in features by other phones?

    I suspect cheaper 3G Android or new Palm OS handsets would be a better bet for those carriers in the UK, not an EDGE-limited iPhone-lite...

  6. Stuza

    What the hell?

    "A market analyst’s drawn-up a list of *potential* features that *he’s* claimed *could* be included on an upcoming cut-price iPhone."

    So some bloke, probably in a pub, is just guessing and managed to make the news?

    I can't believe this is a "story" reg, seriously poor.

  7. Ashley Adams
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    Whats New?

    Those look like identical specs for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G?

  8. Jerry Masterson

    Analyst predicts Rex Sox to win Super Bowl

    Data Plan 'Light' est. $15/mo

    Carriers Rogers

    Looks like someone is smokin the bananas, again. Try $40 for 'Light' with a three year contract.

  9. Thomas Jolliffe

    How many times...

    ...are we going to hear these so-called 'analysts' say that a cheaper iPhone will materialise? It hasn't happened, Apple are making huge amounts of cash from the iPhone project, they like their position as a premium product, why would they change that? Eventually, yes, maybe, but not yet.

  10. Stewart Midwinter


    The iPhone already has the worst-quality camera of any high-end smartphone. It doesn't plausible to me, as the author suggests, that Apple will update the hardware of the iPhone and add a higher-resolution screen but continue to leave the camera at a laughable 2 MPx resolution while its competitors are introducing cameras with 5 or 8 MPx.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    "could, might, predicted, claimed"...

    aka "blah blah blah blah blah..."

    It's amazing some people actually earn a living predicting this stuff... Why isn't the recession biting this analyst first?

    Reg - I beg you, don't give the blow-hard the airtime!!

  12. Shonko Kid
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    >lack of 3G in the cheaper model - it hardly costs anything to build in

    AFAIK the licence cost of a 3G baseband is still fairly high. I'd be surprised if it wasn't one of the most expensive 'parts' in the phone. So it'll really come down to whether they (Apple and carriers) think they can still get away with a 2.5G data connection. If they're trying to boost revenue from the App store, then they need to get more handsets shipped, which, since they'll soon saturate their current demographic, means attacking different price points. And lowering the cost means reducing build cost.

  13. Chad H.

    Does anyone believe the analyst?

    I hear his previous recommendations to "Sell" apple have been coupled with share price increases...

    @ Robert Hill: I think Orange does EDGE, the Pink T does not.

  14. Ben Bufton

    Nothing to see here...

    ... please move on...

  15. Jamie Hylton


    My wife's friend Zoe, used to go out with a guy called Mark, but now Mark is with Sue and they have a dog Buster, who goes to the Vet on a regular basis as he has a problem with his hearing, now the Vet has another patient which is a budgie, and the budgie's owner lives over near a construction site, where just the other day he was speaking to one of the builders who has a cousin who told him the new iPhone is going to have a camera either equal to 2Mp or better....

    One of the worst stories I've heard, similar to this article...

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