back to article Ex-eBay CEO to bid for Schwarzenegger's California job

Former eBay boss Meg Whitman plans on running for governor of California when Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves the high-profile executive gig in 2010. The billionaire Republican businesswoman confirmed speculation on her bid today by announcing she's forming an exploratory committee for the race. "Exploratory" is a bit of an …


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  1. Mike Flugennock

    'A New California'?

    'A New Argentina', more like.

    Don't cry for me, California.

  2. joe_bruin

    buy it now

    Will her platform include mention of her contributions to Proposition 8, ending gay marriage in California (and screwing many of her gay employees), or will she focus on her nonsensical 2.6 billion dollar purchase of Skype? eBay is run like a forced labor camp and its success is largely due to it being first to market. Frankly, I'd rather have another unqualified actor.

  3. jake Silver badge

    Should be good for a giggle :-)

    "Former eBay boss Meg Whitman plans on running for governor of California"

    And we all know how well thought out Meg "I pick losers" Whitman's political savvy is. I'm looking forward to her wallowing ...


  4. Conrad Longmore

    "What, no 'buy it now' option?"

    "What, no 'buy it now' option?"

    This is California, not Illinois.

  5. Tony

    Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 0%


    - Item was described as 'Utopian Paradise', however upon opening the box I found that I had been shipped a 'Fascist State'. Tried contacting vendor and was told that the listing made it clear that the item could differ from the one advertised. Avoid.

  6. psychochief
    Thumb Down

    what they smoking in californeeeeeee these days ???

    jeeeeeez a has been *cough 'actor' replaced by another has been, whatever is it californians are smoking these days in the sunshine state, remind me not to try it please, state budget by paypal, state telecoms by skype, consumer goods/shopping from fleabay, i really pity our colonial friends !! :O)

  7. An ominous cow herd

    "Buy it now"

    The "Buy it now" option was infamously only available in Michigan...

  8. Hollerith

    buying a governorship

    It's a lot easier to buy one than to learn the ropes as a politician and see that being a governor is not the same as being a CEO. And her version of 'running California right' will presumably see the same respect for civil rights as eBay shows for consumer rights.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    at least it means he can hopefully appear in some form in Terminator 5 :)

  10. Chris Wright
    Thumb Up


    Wonder if Arnie will be making films again =P

  11. Iain

    @Chris Wright

    Probably go the way of the aging Clint Eastwood and play wise old trainer to the new generation of action heros. Who are all just nerds by the way. Too much introspection and Hamletesque prevarication and whatnot before they actually getting round to plugging any goons. Anyone compared the bodycount in recent movies to the old school? If I want to see an action film I want guns, muscles and more dead henchmen than I can shake a General Electric Minigun at. Blame Keanu Reeves I say.

    <--- Need a 'Rant Alert' icon

  12. Anonymous Coward
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    "No word yet if campaign donations will be PayPal only. ®"

  13. Rob Dobs

    Um there is another party....

    No mention of potential candidates from the Democratic party?

    Seems appropriate seeing how this is an overwhelming democratic state and they are MUCH more likely to win the election.....

    Arnold only got in due to to a nutty recall election, and the fact that he is married to a Kennedy.

    After Prop 8 and the financial debacles I doubt the GOP will win again.

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