back to article Intel 'accelerates' 32nm chip launch

Intel is feeling pretty confident about the ramp of its 32nm processors, set for production in late 2009. In fact, the company says it's "accelerating" the process shrink by skipping 45nm chips that were going to arrive later this year. The upcoming Westmere launch will "de-emphasise*" 45nm Auburndale chips that Intel planned …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I still want a Turbo Boost button

    and not one of which the sole purpose is to allow me to conduct my computing with the red LED in either an on condition or an off condition with no other appreciable consequences

  2. Scott

    Can anyone translate...

    "Repartitioned Client Platform Volume Ramp Vehicle" into English please?

  3. Jack Harrer
    Thumb Up

    @ First AC

    Actually a Turbo button would be a great idea. You press it and processor shuts down all but one cores, GPU does the same, harddrive slows down, etc. That would save a lot of energy, if implemented properly. How often do we need all that processing power anyway? Except when logged into Vista ;)

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