back to article Samsung flies flagship phone

Samsung has lifted the curtain on its flagship handset for this year: the Tocco Ultra Edition. Samsung_tocco_ultra_edition_01 Samsung's Tocco Ultra Edition is its 2009 flasghip phone Designed as the successor to the existing Tocco – which Samsung’s claimed was the UK’s best-selling contract phone in the second half of 2008 …


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  1. Nigel Thomas

    What QWERTY keyboard?

    The sliding bit looks like a typical phone keypad to me.

    My qwerty attachment is in the coat pocket.

  2. Ian Watkinson
    Gates Horns

    Shame it's windows only

    Shame, it looks like a nice phone, but as I want a phone that syncs with Mac/Windows and preferably linux and Samsung don't seem to care a lot, then it's not for a lot of people.

  3. Parax

    @Shame it's windows only

    you could try the 8510i symbian handset. not touchscreen but very similar.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    No WiFi?


  5. Tony Paulazzo

    Thank the Gods

    I love my F480 Tocco, so kind'a miffed this one came out so soon, but to be honest, the 'ultra' tag is a little enthusiastic. The phone style keypad is woeful (the onscreen keypad works fine), it really needed a slide out qwerty job.

    In fact, the only complaints (so far), about my phone are:

    1) no web view in widescreen mode - wtf? (tho the smart view is actually pretty good)

    2) locked in screensaver

    3) better text reading management (tho if you convert ebooks to html it seems to work the best - but again, no widescreen unless I'm missing something)

    For the ultra to earn its tag it should've had a larger screen, slide out qwerty and reactive portrait/landscape mode like the iCrap and as previously mentioned, wifi.

  6. Dave

    Little catch...

    Samsung have changed their connection for USB and power leads so all your Samsung accessories are now rendered useless!! woooooo

  7. Bod


    Or the N97 when it's out. Slide-out qwerty keyboard, touchscreen, wifi, and *free* software from Nokia to do all your syncing etc.

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