back to article NetApp lays off staff

NetApp is laying off up to six per cent of staff as it copes with a recession that's affecting enterprise storage purchases. According to Jodie Bauman, director of corporate PR: "Today NetApp took a number of steps to better align our resources with the business outlook. This restructuring includes a reduction of about 6 per …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Using the logic of Matt B...

    This is obviously related to Sun's recent growth in Open Storage and NetApp's failing/failed lawsuit against Sun. ;)

  2. Joshua Goodall

    Get it right.

    NetApp did not kill off SnapMirror, which is the core replication software.

    They killed off the ReplicatorX software line, which came with the Topio acquisition, was branded "SnapMirror for Open Systems", never really found a market, and is more or less superseded by Open Systems SnapVault albeit at a file level rather than a block level.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    I guess that about 480 people, or 6% of the company now do not think that this is the best company to work for.


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