back to article Ford partners with British e-van maker to kickstart US EV drive

When Ford announced its electric vehicle roadmap at the Detroit Motor Show, we speculated that one part the plan would be the introduction into the US market of a 'leccy version of the humble Transit Connect. What we didn't know was that the plan would be a partnership – actually, Ford prefers the word 'collaboration' – with …


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  1. Peter Flint-murray
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    At last!

    I've often been impressed by the smith vehicles whirring around Leeds and I'm glad to see them get the chance to spread their wings. Although this collaboration might limit their use of other vehicles as bases. Some of their larger UK vehicles look to be MAN based rather than Ford based like their small vans, will this mean Ford limit Smith to using Ford vehicles only?

    Thumbs up for selling Fords back to the Americans!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Hi Pa Drive...

    Any News On the PML HiPa Drive Version of the Ford F150?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Follow up?

    Interesting Alun, are you following up AC comments from here:

    Or was the AC on the ball?

  4. Ralph B
    IT Angle


    Is that the power cable going over the river?

  5. Stan Wellaway

    Smith + Ford + others


    Smith use Avia trucks as the base vehicle for their (7.5t-12t) Newton range. Avia used to be related to Korean conglomerate Daewoo, but is now owned by India's Ashok-Leyland group.

    Nancy Gioia of Ford recently indicated that, in order to speed up the progress of EV development, she was happy to see Ford's partners sharing their technology with other partners to help increase volumes. So I don't imagine that Ford will be dicating which other base vehicles Smith/SEVUS choose to use. But I guess SEVUS might find it cheaper or more convenient to switch from Avia to some other chassis sometime. Ford already work with Nissan, Nissan work with Renault and just signed a deal to work with Avia. So there is lots of cross-fertilisation going on.

    PS: I am interested to know what Smith vehicles you've seen in Leeds.

  6. Pete James

    Short term but

    I can see this only being a short term arrangement, 10 years at most perhaps. I also feel it's an announcement more to do with Uncle Henry getting their hands on some US Government cash rather than a real desire to change the market. But well done to Ford and Smiths getting serious about providing a prodiuct for the short-range delivery market. I'm a bit worried how big that market might really be though, even in the US.

    I recall the Duke of Edingburgh having an electric powered Bedford van many years ago. Of course, the batteries were there to power the vehicle, not him!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Shame they cant

    make cars.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Surely not white..

    The only colour should be green

  9. Adam

    no title

    Fog on the tyne is not mine not mine...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Van was the correct term...

    "SEV US will pay a royalty on every 'leccy van - sorry, truck "

    You had it right the first time, no need for the correction.

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