back to article Footy star sues Facebook over fake fascist profile

Juventus star Alessandro del Piero is reportedly suing Facebook over a fake profile bearing his name that links to Nazi propaganda sites. The 34-year-old World Cup-winning Italian footballer is aggrieved that the bogus account, which carries his picture, implies neo-Nazi sympathies. Del Piero states he's never had a Facebook …


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  1. Jerome

    Far right links

    "Supposed links to the far right would hurt Del Piero's career once he leaves football."

    Whereas they're a positive asset while he's still in football, of course.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    A title is required.

    inb4: pics or it didn't happen

  3. Dangermouse

    Interesting problem...

    I personally don't have any sort of FaceSpace profile, nor am I likely to. However, as shown hrere, there is nothing to stop an aggrieved 3rd party creating a malicious one in my name. Am I meant to check these things every so often, or should it be that some sort of verification system should be set up? You set up an account with a valid postal address, then a verification password is sent to that address. Only after activation can the MyBookArseSpace profile be viewed/searched etc.

  4. alan

    re dangermouse

    but what happens when baron greenback, claims that he called dangermouse living at his address they will then send the password verification to his address and as they wont show your address on the site there is no way to tell you apart if he is using pictures of you. Hence not a lot you can do.

  5. Miguel

    Re; Dangermouse

    It couldbe mailed to several different addresses. It also doesn't stop me setting up any other kind of account (email for one) in your name. So once you get off of the social networkign sites, do you continue it out to all other sites that require registration?

  6. mittfh

    And not just profile pages...

    Being an active FB member, I've spotted several fake "Pages" (a special kind of profile intended for businesses, organisations and celebrities - you become a fan rather than friend). Although FB states on the creation page that it's against their terms of service to create fake pages, I haven't heard anything about action being taken to remove them.

    Dangermouse's proposition could potentially work - but you'd need to make sure the address given was where the real person lived, not where Joe Bloggs lives. Since you can give a real world phone number, cross-match name address and phone number...

    If it's impractical to do that in real-time, allow the page to be created, but slap an *Unverified* label to the user's name / page.

    But on a related subject, it would be nice if they'd give people a better privacy level by default - knowledgeable users like me are perfectly happy with tweaking permissions to ensure that different friends get access to different parts of your profile, but there an awful lot of users who leave everything accessible by "All my networks and all my friends"...

    "Only my friends" would be a better privacy level for most info.

  7. Adrian A


    Bologna not having a fascist ultras? They were Mussolini's team! Still, it's understandable seeing as it is a university town. I think it is a little blown out of proportion though, saying that all teams have an aspect of fascist ultras. Fascist symbols, like the Celtic cross (swastika being banned...) are used by youth ultras as an identity symbol that associates with being an ultra, rather than any underlying fascist or right-wing sentiment. For instance, Roma has always been considered as being a 'left' team (well, at least in comparison with Nazio). By the same token Livorno (now in Serie B) is considered as communist a team as you can get. Nazio and Livorno would possibly be the most politicised teams in Italy.

  8. RP
    IT Angle


    IT and football eh...

    Ya may want to do a bit more digging on Inter Milan [sic] front, particularly with regard to the "Inter" part... and Atalanta fans won't be best pleased with the sudden and dramatic shift to the right you've forced them to undertake!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Come on, who in this reality has or wants a FriendFace, MyArse or Twatter account/page?

    It's the ultimate in personal invasion.

    AC of course.


  10. Anonymous Coward


    .. a game for sissies played by hoodlums.

    Real men play rugby.

  11. Dr Patrick J R Harkin


    Well, *obviously* the solution is that we all have ID cards....

    Or that MySpaceBo pages are all created anonymously/using nicknames and you have to tell you friends which is your page.

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