back to article Sony demos ultra-expensive, ultra-thin OLED telly

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  1. Stuart Duel

    OMG, how thin?, OMFG how much??

    I wait impatiently and salivating at the thought of what the King of thin could do with those displays!

    Yeah, I mean Apple.

  2. Chris Branch

    All very pretty but

    How long will the screen last for before it loses quality or breaks down altogether? Dead pixels?

    I wouldn't be the first to dump £3k. Luckily for Sony I can think of some who would.

  3. Lindsay Silver badge

    Thanks Sony

    You can continue to watch TV while using the menu? That's incredible.

    I tried to use that interface on the PS3 and came out of the experience with a brand new nervous twitch.

  4. Hedley Phillips

    The Emperor's New Clothes no more

    I have spent years walking past/in various electrical shops looking at the quality of LCD televisions and wondering why on earth anyone would buy one. I am yet to see one that doesn't blur on movement, esp fast movement.

    As everyone and their dog was buying LCD and raving about them, I thought it was just my eyes, so I went to ask the chap behind the desk and he agreed with me and said that the quality is not that good but if someone wants something big and thin to hang on their wall, LCD is the only option.

    So, I have continued to benefit from this by buying our latest flatscreen (not LCD) 28 inch television for £38 from someone who had 'upgraded' to LCD. job done!

    OLED appears to be what LCD should have been, and the example I saw in our local Sony shop simply blew me away. It was amazing. Unfortunately the price is too high and the screen sizes too small, but the same could have been said about LCD 6-8 years ago so we just need to wait.

  5. Richard Lloyd

    Yes, too expensive, but also too small?

    Is it just me or does OLED tech seem to be in the same place as SSDs right now? Not only is it far too expensive (I'd never pay 3 grand for a TV set, no matter how fantastic it is), but it's also too small (11" isn't even big enough for the kitchen or a small bedroom!).

    The tech is great, but we're still years away from seeing this in living rooms - wait until the digital switchover in the UK has finished (i.e. 2012 Olympics) and wake me up again then....

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Wouldn't Touch it With A Ten Foot Pole

    I'm typing this on a two year old Sony notebook. The battery life is down to fifteen minutes, the screen coating has started to fail and the letters have started to rub off the keyboard. Sony have refused to fix the machine because I wiped XP off the hard drive and replaced it with Linux.

    Then they hit us with the Sony root kit fiasco.

    Then they released 'Quantum of Solace' which contained so much DRM that it wouldn't play on some of the DVD players out there.

    Sure Sony, your OLED TV set looks fabulous, but I will never purchase another Sony product again.

  7. RobE

    Enthusiastic - not Insane

    Yeah my dad would like this (hes a bit gadget mad) but....

    a) hes not actually clinically mental

    b) he'd have to travel over 100 miles to reach a sony centre just to view the item, let alone buy one

    c) sony have better TVs for the price

    d) the tv is not wall mountable since all the electronics are in the stand

    e) and dont sony have screens at >50 inches for less than £3000? (save your money and get a big screen that does the same job)

    Personally I think Sony need to stop trying to be so cutting edge/overpriced.

    This TV isnt much bigger than my hand (or other appendages) and where is an 11inch TV going to go? the kitchen? the bedroom? I can't see it going in my living room as the main TV unless it gets to 22 inches or bigger.

    The only way anyone could justify ending up with one of these is as a gift from some one else (your cat/dog/child doesnt count), much like those LCD photo frames people get but never use. I cant see how anyone could justify buying one for themselves. its just far too expensive compared with competing products (just as the PS3 was when it first came out compared with the Xbox and Wii). To put it another way.. I can get a car for 3000.

    The naked eye cant tell the difference between 1ms delays and 6ms delays. Therefore such a quantification is irrelevant. Think about it, how many people have switched from DVD to bluray yet? Not many, and I think the reason is the naked eye cant really tell much difference between the picture quality... not enough to justify buying all new equipment and replacements to DVDs.

    The only people that will buy this are people who have been, or want to be, on Cribs some day.

    According to Moore's Law these items will start selling in 2-4 years once the size has doubled and the price has halved.

    Presumably with such high contrast ratio dead pixels become a FAR bigger issue as they stand out more? Whats sony's policy on this??

  8. Matt Thornton

    3 GRAND?

    Holy cow. Yeh, it's a beauty, but it's 11" !! Anyone who spends 3k on a tv that is about only big enough for a kitchen telly has more money than sense.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Yes, £3000 is the answer...

    In case you can't view the video at work, it really is £3000 and is initially only available from Sony Centres.

    Recession - what recession ? There are still many City types with more money than sense - even after losing a lot of our money and being bailed out by the government.

  10. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Sweet Cherries Earned and Deserved and Most Favourably Received and Gratified

    Wow. Sony bites into Apple CompleXXXX EgoCentricity... A Quantum Bridging Leap for Alternate Intelligence Missions..... Virtual Projects, Sony San? East Leading Westwards?

  11. Gareth Irwin

    I still don't get it

    Does the screen come away from the base so it can go on the wall ( the wall I would hope that is very close indeed)

  12. Dominic Turner

    Wow but who would buy one?

    It looks fantastic but £3000? Has Sony not heard of the credit crunch? I can't see them shifting many of these.

    However if Sony want to lend me a demo version I could be converted!

  13. Bad Beaver


    Another useless video. It's thin. It works. Fine. Anyone ever noticed how looking at super-advanced screens on your not super-advanced screen is rather pointless, assuming you want to know anything about the quality of the picture?

    The day they (all of them) get off the darn "glossy everything" fad will be declared an international holiday. Also, I could not care less about the über-thinness of flatscreens, especially when "skinny" means it comes with a ginormous blob attached to it. Good picture, low energy consumption, decent price. Everything else is just hype & cosmetics.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    The Future of Displays?

    This is pretty old news, the Sony OLED TV has already been all over the internet and on loads of TV shows including Something for the Weekend which is a cooking show!!

    The TV looks amazing but why does the remote look like something from 1980? for £3000 I would want a touch screen OLED remote that also works with the PS3! Come on Sony!

    I know alot of people will cry at the £3000 price tag but its the first get of a new technology, remember when Plasma TV's were £20,000, way back, when they first come out!

    Once they start to produce these panels in millions rather than the hundreds expect the price to drop like a stone and the size to grow like the Hydroponics "Plant" your mate has in the cupboard

    I expect to see these as 20" Professional Monitors and top of the line laptops in less than a year and 32"+ TV's for £1500 within a couple of years!

  15. Christian Berger

    Why is it?

    Why is it that when Sony talks about OLED it's expensive, but when the rest of the world talks about OLED it's cheap? I mean I have seen end-customer prices for OLED modules of 30 Euros and less.

  16. Piro Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    3 grand?


    Pass. No 11" TV is worth 3 grand.

  17. raving angry loony

    bit twee

    11 inch? That's not a TV screen, that's a UMPC screen bolted to an ugly box. Buncha wankers. Where's my 60 inch OLED screen I was promised not 10 years ago? They promised it would take 10 years, and they've never lied. Now excuse me while I go fetch my flying car.

  18. ffrankmccaffery


    could you not make your goofy looking logo a little less obscure in the video?

  19. LeBeourfCurtaine
    Paris Hilton

    Little evidence...

    ...of it's alleged superior motion performance - to back up this claim the demonstrator shows footage of a woman eating and a series of static images. Does this explain Sony's PS3 sales strategy, perchance?

    Paris, because even though she may not understand it, she might be able to afford it.

  20. Gary F

    Very nice

    Now let's fast forward 5 years when OLED screens are of a decent size and sensible price. Even if I had the money I can't think what use I'd have for such a small screen. Maybe I'd buy several and build a video wall. ;-)

  21. Paul Hampson

    Did you...

    kidnap this guy and film this in your secret underground bunker - or is this what counts as a "stylish" demo area in the credit crunch era? Liked the rather interesting black radiator though...

  22. David Gosnell

    Overlaid menus

    Wow! I think our veteran Sanyo CRT does that, what esteemed company.

  23. Jess
    Thumb Down

    That video will encourage ..

    .. vegetarians to buy OLED TVs.


  24. Harry
    Thumb Down

    OK, so its a few millimetres thick.

    But couldn't you have said that in WORDS?

    Why do we need these stupid videos, that always take ten times longer than reading the WORDS ???

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    What a joke

    Who gives a hoot how thin it is when the only way they saved those few centimeters at most is by moving electronics to a huge base meaning you don't even have the mounting flexibility any more?

    I thought we had entered the wireless base to screen era with forthcoming products, only sony would give us small and expensive and anti-ergonomic.

    Paris, even this she can understand.

  26. Anonymous Coward



  27. Andrew Kirkpatrick

    Can't moan about the price if there isn't an OLED TV cheaper...

    11" for £3000 isn't a bad price if you can't get one for that price from another manufacturer, let alone cheaper...

    Pioneering technology isn't supposed to be cheap or reliable, just a demonstration of what the future holds, so I'm going to try to see one of these and dream about what they'll be like when they hit > 30"

  28. halfcut


    Wer'e appreciating the picture quality run through a video camera; possibly run through a PAL/NTSC conversion; using YouTube compression FFS; and finally viewed through whatever kit we're using at home.

    Oh yeah, that works.

  29. vincent himpe

    old news ...

    This thing has been available since mid 2008 . They even have it at the local Fry's store for 2995 $. I had no idea europe was so lagging behind ...

  30. Chris C


    "Light-emitting OLED technology eliminates the need for a backlight and achieves a high level of energy efficiency while consuming up to 40 percent less power than conventional 20-inch LCD panels."

    Wow. Sony's ELEVEN inch screen uses 40% less power than a TWENTY inch LCD? In other words, Sony's 11" OLED screen, which has a screen area 30.24999% of the area of a 20" screen, only uses 60+% the power of that 20" screen. Or, put another way, the 20" LCD has 230.57861% more screen area than Sony's 11" screen, and only uses up to 40% more power. And they call the OLED screen "energy efficient". For the record, Sharp's 19" LCD uses 45-54% less power than their 20" LCD. Sharp's model LC-20D42U 20" LCD with 10W audio uses 69W. Sharp's model LC-19D44U 19" LCD with 4W audio uses 45W. Sony's model XEL-1 11" OLED with 2W audio uses 34W.

    "Experience an unrivaled picture quality. Boasting a 960 x 540 native resolution, the OLED TV yields the same pixel density as a 40" (measured diagonally) 1080p LCD TV."

    Yes, a screen that's half the resolution of 1080p will definitely be unrivaled. Nobody else would be stupid enough to try that. Pixel density means nothing if the resolution isn't great enough to handle the input sent to it.

    And seriously, who cares how thin the panel itself is when the size of the base means the total unit depth is 6-8"? However, "thin" does mean "breaks more easily when bumped". Yes, you should be careful around your equipment (especially such expensive equipment), but accidents (and children) happen. That was one of the best things about CRTs -- a glass screen meant good protection (not to mention it could be cleaned much more easily without fear of damaging the screen).

    But hey, let's not let silly things like facts distort the fantasy of an overpriced piece of bragging rights.

  31. Mike

    New? Saw it a year ago

    I saw this on sale over a year ago in Tokyo, ISTR price was about GBP1K.

    Yes the display is stunning but who wants a TV that small?

    OK it's thin, but the attatched base makes this pointless.

    Nice proof of concept that OLED TV may some day be good though.

  32. Anonymous Coward

    Stop all the Moaning

    Has anyone actually seen this OLED display in person? No! thats what I thought.

    When your local Sony has one on display, go take a look.

    £3000 Price tag! You know what they say, if you have to ask, you cant afford it. This is like most First Generation Consumer products.

    First Plasma TVs £30,000+ They all broke and suffered from horrible screen burn

    First Laser Disc players! £2000+ If I remember rightly, the movies cost a fortune

    First Blu Ray players £1000+ Only a handful of movies on Blu Ray to watch!

    Large LCD TV's were still around £2000 only a couple years ago and had crap contrast ratios.

    Alot of people can afford these and will buy them, these are the people that help pathe the way for the cheaper consumer models that come in time.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    Not nice

    @Stuart Duel

    "I wait impatiently and salivating at the thought of what the King of thin could do with those displays!

    Yeah, I mean Apple."

    It's not nice of you to talk about Steve Jobs like that! The man can't take up any proteins, you insensitive clod!

  34. Christian Berger


    Nobody ever claimed OLED was particularly energy efficient. A good LCD television set takes a single watt or less. Unless of course they have an electronic backlight.

  35. martinX
    Thumb Down

    Expensive Plasmas v Expensive OLED

    "I know alot of people will cry at the £3000 price tag but its the first get of a new technology, remember when Plasma TV's were £20,000, way back, when they first come out!"

    Yes but the first plasmas were BIGGER than any other TV you could buy at the time. This thing is pretty much the *smallest* TV you can buy (and it's not even portable). It would certainly be the most expensive TV per inch you could buy now or ever.

    I know that thin is in, but @#$% me that's an expensive 11 inches.

  36. James Taylor

    Not exactly groundbreaking...

    This came out two years ago in Japan, for 210000 yen or, for at the time, £1000. How can they justify tripling the price on a two year old product?

  37. James Taylor

    Surely they can't blame VAT for this difference!

    Here it is, same product and more than half the price!

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @Richard Lloyd

    11" isn't big enough for the bedroom? You've been spoilt...

    For 3k I'd expect the same pixel density and response rate as the eMagin 1/2" HMD screens. And they've just hit SXGA so that'd be hundreds of megapixels on an 11" screen with nS refresh times. Now THAT would be worth the money for the bragging rights. "Oh, look at my TV- non of that HDReady crap, this is Full HD!" "Oh, really? Mine's a higher resolution than real life."

    Also,according to a commenter they're saying 1ms response rates- isn't this really slow for an OLED?

    Overall, some sort of serious fail for Sony on this one.

  39. Anonymous Coward

    Is it just me?

    I cant see in what way it is different to a floptop screen.. its even about the same size.. ok smaller.

    I know its OLED but its not the freaking size that makes me go wow .... I want to know what the power consumption is... (if its too high the screen gets hot drains my pocket and dies in two years...) and the response time the (including the afterglow) and the contrast ratio etc... forgive me for asking for specifics... but I dont buy a car based on how thin/fat/tall/blue/spongy it is!

  40. Sir Runcible Spoon

    £3000/11 inches

    my 11 inches is worth £3000, so why can't their's be?

  41. Anonymous Coward

    Ultra Thin...

    So, how thin could you get a traditional LCD screen if you backlit with LCDs and relocated the electronics and ports to a huge box sitting underneath the screen rather than behind it? I'm guessing about as thin as that one!

    Sure you wouldn't be able to match the contrast ratio or response time, but can the average person tell the difference between 50k:1 and <2ms that you see on modern LCDs and get a 50" screen for under 1k, compared to 1m:1 and <0.1ms from an 11" OLED that costs £3k?

    I know which one I would prefer to have in my living room!

  42. Bad Beaver

    RE: Stop all the Moaning

    AC, if you bought a first generation LaserDisc Player it was likely a Philips or Pioneer and built like a tank. Unless the Helium-neon laser tube gave out last year or so it likely still works like a charm. Same for the "expensive" movies. Yes, they cost more than Blu-ray does today, but they were BIG, had no DRM or ARM whatsoever and demanded a cleanroom to be made. Which is why they don't die either. Unless you bought those rotters that came out of SONY plants, as even back then SONY was unable to make something that doesn't break within a year or two.

    When flatscreens came to market, they were the size of big-screen tubes or bigger. The issue with this TV is that while the technology might be amazing (hardly anyone knows because you need to see them in person) it is overall a pointless desk toy for managers. This is not the 50s where you would put a dedicated chair in front of the tube at two feet distance and oh-ah at the novelty. This 11inch screen is just a tech-demo gone commercial. They can come back once its 40"+, half the price, and someone can tell how fast those OLEDs crap out.

  43. richard


    want one..want one...want one...who's the blond?...want one...want one...

  44. josh

    how much?

    i actually shouted out expletives when i found out how high the price wsa...i think ill wait a few years till they make a 50 inch one before i have a heart attack

  45. Dave Jones
    Thumb Down

    Thanks for nothing Sony...

    Odd that no one has picked up on the fact that it's on sale in the US for half the price....welcome to rip off Britain........

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