back to article iPhone trifecta rumored for 2009

Three new iPhones will appear in 2009, according to an analyst with the Canadian research firm Canaccord Adams. According to a report on Seeking Alpha, analyst Peter Misek identifies the most lavish of the three as a 32GB iPhone 3G that will be available in multiple colors - an iPod Nanofication of the iPhone's bling level, in …


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  1. Christian Berger

    I'm waiting for the

    I'm still waiting for the iPhone Shuffle. Only one button, if you press it it dials a random number.

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  3. Tom Smith Silver badge


    You'd have thought that everybody having a GPS in their phone would make Chinese iphone users easier to track by the government...

  4. DonaldTwain
    Jobs Halo

    Trifecta? Surely iTrinity!

    So the jesusPhone is to be made into a holy iTrinity of godPhone, jesusPhone and holyghostPhone.

    Praise be!

  5. Chad H.

    All this and yet...

    All this speculation about a smaller iPhone, when even apple execs are asking the question "WHy would we WANT to make it smaller? The idea is that its a big screen".

    TBH, I'm begining to wonder if these so called industry experts actually know what they're talking about.... The iPhone that they seem to want makes about as much sense as a subcompact Ferrari designed to take on the Korean Manufacturers - Wrong brand for the wrong market.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sorry for the question - I was interested in the word 'trifecta'. Did you intend to mean the 'three-way bet' implied by the word or were you going for 'trio' and got the added bonus meaning?

    I personally like the idea that a company launching a new range of three devices has the element of a bet about it.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Iphone Nano is plausible

    The assumption that there will never be an iphone nano simply because the size of screen does not permit current iphone apps to run has two flaws:

    Firstly, it assumes that such a device would be geared to download and run apps in the first place. There is room for a device that would just provide phone and ipod capabilities, perhaps with a small subset of built-in apps. This would make a smaller, less powerful device reliable and cheaper with less support overhead for Apple or networks.

    Secondly, the current iphones started out with few or no iPhone apps. Perhaps a seperate apps store for a Nano would work, developers being approached to port existing apps?

    However, this all assumes that this article, like many other rumours is accurate. After all, the much rumoured iMac and Mac Mini refreshes have yet to materialise - and lord knows, they need one, or I for one will be looking elsewhere for over-priced, under powered desktops....

  8. Mike H
    Thumb Down

    Analyst predictions, eh?

    If we look at the past history of analysts on MacRumors: - we can conclude that most of them talk out of their collective rears. So three iPhones? Pure speculation, and about as much substance as whipped cream from a can.

    As for a trifecta, I presume the intention is the analysts betting on the prediction...

  9. Andy
    Paris Hilton

    Anyone feel a whoosh coming on?

    I seem to remember all the hacks being taken-in by this kind of guff before.

    Maybe a "I'll believe it when I see it" approach should be adopted here?

    Paris, because she isn't interested in small ones anyway

  10. Richard
    Jobs Halo

    Nano or smaller unlikely

    I agree with Anonymous Coward, it's unlikely to have a nano or smaller unless the physical resolution can be retained.

    This is because XCode restricts a lot of the App Development to the current iPhone interface, which ius 320x480px

    However there is nothing specific in the Human Interface Guidelines or Programmer Guides that prohibit Apple from allowing new dimensions

  11. Magnus Ramage

    Psion Revo, RIP

    @AC on third-party apps:

    Back in the day, I had a Psion Revo, cut down version (in size but not functionality) of their successful Series 5, grandad of the Symbian OS and still the best PDA I've owned. There were a considerable number of third-party apps for the Series 5 (both paid-for and free), but the Revo had a different screen size so if they worked at all it was very patchy. The Revo sold in decent but not spectacular numbers, so while some of the app makers ported their apps to the Revo, plenty didn't. So Revo owners were left a bit high-and-dry. Excellent firmware apps with it, so it wasn't a big deal, but not much chance to use third-party software.

    Come to think of it, my real problem with the Revo was that it didn't have a user-removable battery and eventually the battery went dead. Hmm...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    you know..

    .. that they can make the screen smaller while keeping the same res right? will just look nasty!

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