back to article Google finally soups up Gmail search

Google has at last added a new feature to Gmail Labs that allows users to simultaneously view multiple panes in the online email service without having to open another browser window. The web kingpin noted on its corporate blog yesterday that the “experimental” feature had now gone live on its Gmail service. Ultimately, the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    bad link

    the sceenshot link is bad.

  2. Bruno Girin

    Computer specific settings?

    Sounds great but what I'd really, really like is if I could have different settings depending on what computer I am using: the multiple pane feature would be great on my desktop where I have a 30" display but would be too cramped on the laptop and even more so on the Eee. So I'd like to be able to enable that feature only on specific computers that have a large display.

  3. Pat

    Disappointed me

    To change the search filter for each pane you have to go in via the settings page. Why not just have a search box in the pane.

    also...WHY NO PREVIEW PANE???

  4. Richard Thomas

    @Bruno Girin

    You sound like the Knights of Ni: "We want... another shrubbery, but a bit higher than the first with a stream, and... and..."

    Some people are never satisfied ;-)

  5. bart

    Give us the real soup - Partial search

    Real progress would be partial search. Without this Gmail search is effectively worthless. Google whines that partial search would tax their resources. So how do they justify Google search? Same way that they do Gmail - ads.

    Will Gmail ever have partial search? Will it ever come out of "beta?"

  6. Fatty Treats
    Thumb Down

    GMail multiple inboxes

    Tried this out in mine, it looks like I imagine it would look if one performed an abortion on one's inbox - it's an horrific mess. It's possibly upset because I have enabled the labels on right feature and it's pretty buggy.

    I hoped this announcement heralded the introduction of something approaching proper search into GMail (wild cards anyony?), but for the moment the kings of search continue to serve up piss poor search in their webmail.

  7. Stuart
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    I'm with the bart, man

    When I read the headline my first thought was, "FINALLY, partial search". That headline was cruel teasing of the lowest kind, promising real improvements and instead delivering only cosmetic tinkering of trifling worth and less merit. Shame of Google for NOT really improving tGMail search and shame on El Reg for sadistically misleading hyped headlines.

  8. Long Fei
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    Multiple inboxes - screw search

    I don't care about the search, the one that is there is okay enough for now.

    What I really want is the ability to have multiple Gmail accounts on one browser. I use GMail for personal use, but I also use an account for work stuff, and another for 'spam' use and so forth, but to log on I have to either log off or open another browser.

  9. Stuart

    @ Long Fei

    According to this article,, you can do that using Chrome in privacy mode.

  10. Law

    @ Log Fei

    I've got that sort of setup too... but I just have them all auto-forwarding to my oldest/main account - then have my main account label the incoming messages as "Work account" or "Signups account" etc... so to view the inbox of one account only you just click the label link for "Work Account"... it's really easy....

    You can also set up your main account to reply-as the forwarded account automatically too, simply based on the account it was originally sent to.... take a few seconds to set up and does exactly what I need and from the sounds of it, what you wanted... ability to manage/use 3 accounts using a single main account...

  11. floweracre
    Paris Hilton


    Personally I like GMail, and it works great on my phone. Sure a preview pane would be good but the single thing I miss is a "view unread" mail. Or a filter criteria that allows unread mail to be shown. Its such a small thing to be missing from such a great site (I nearly said product).

    I know I can type "label:unread" but why ? I tried the grease monkey to create a button to do this filter - but failed miserably.

    Any ideas?


    why the icon? - she never leaves the small things out.

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