back to article Man accused of trying to kill girlfriend with WiiMote

Eating all the chocolate biscuits is a serious crime, but would you try and throttle your partner for doing so? A US man allegedly did – using a Wii Remote’s cord - after his girlfriend accused him of failing to keep his hands out of the cookie jar. Daniel Alvarez, aged 21 and from Austin, Texas, was reportedly woken up by …


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  1. Rory Webber


    Didn't she just hit him with the nunchuck?

    Coat, door.......

  2. Squits

    Stop it!

    Puns like that should be a crime.

    Sorry for being a pedant, but have you stopped proof reading the site for errors? I keep noticing more and more.

  3. Robert Grant Silver badge


    Oh wait, that's stupid. Wiimotes do other stuff.

  4. Paul

    Time to sue Nintendo?

    I know Nintendo say that you should use the strap to avoid nasty Plasma / LCD TV accidents but I don't think they suggest you use it for things like this. However, if they don't warn against it does that mean they can be sued? Like the person who sued McDonald's for not warning that his drink was hot.

  5. Dominic Kua
    Paris Hilton

    Wiimote cord?

    Is it the nunchuck cord or the wrist band?

    Enquiring minds need to know!

  6. GettinSadda
    Thumb Down


    "Annoyed at being woken up and accused of such a heinous crime, it’s alleged Alvarez tried to choke her using the nearest possible weapon – in this case, a Wii controller. He put his knees on her chest to pin her down, she said, and then wrapped the cord tightly around her neck."

    That would be the standard cordless Wii remote would it?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wii fit devotee?

    Nah, the thing probably just snapped...

  8. John Bayly

    I want to hear Jack Thompson's take on this

    Nuff said.

  9. Geoff Webber

    pin head?

    Now if I am not mistaken ( and mainly because I have 2 myself) the wii remote safety strap is not long enough to go over a normal head even when the locking toggle is fully undone.

    We all know that merkins can be a little simple at times but to suggest that they have little or no brains (thus resulting in a reduced cranium) is a tad too extreme.

    Exclamation icon - because you would have to be this thin...

  10. Anonymous Coward

    A suitable defence....?

    Your honour,

    I was asleep dreaming about playing Manhunt 2 - a game which I have been playing quite a lot recently. I was woken by rather agressive individual and I couldn't understand what was happening and thought I might be still asleep and grabbed my wiimote to perform an execution move (something which the game asks you to do repeatedly) on my assailant.


    Your honour,

    My girlfriend is stupid enough to wake me for stealing biscuits. Thusly she deserves to die.

    I would find not guilty.

  11. Martin Lee

    Do you think that she needs consoling?

    Wii'll never know.

  12. Chris
    Thumb Up


    Whoever decided to use the cookie-monster image is an utter genius. Infact I'd like to be able to use that image whenever commenting on an act of techie domestic violence.

    Petition for a cookie monster icon, anyone?

  13. Law
    Paris Hilton


    .... with a 360 he could have red-ring'd her.... erm......

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