back to article Apple's Snow Leopard may know where you are

Apple's upcoming Snow Leopard operating system will include location awareness and multi-touch capabilities. Or so it seems. Citing an anonymous source, AppleInsider says that Snow Leopard, aka Mac OS X version 10.6, will include the CoreLocation framework introduced last March in the iPhone 2.0 SDK. The iPhone runs a slimmed …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    iLife 09 is pants

    A load of bloated crap added onto a very old piece of software. I would guess SL selling points wont be much better.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Skyhook's Enough

    I suspect that Macs will not be favored amongst trolls...

  3. Jamie Kitson

    Other GeoLocation Technologies Are Available

    Such as IP location. See google gears for example.

  4. David Kairns

    So... does one disable this privacy invading garbage. Or does one?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    and does it allow

    you to control the "resolution" of the location information it provides to "location aware" applications.

    Not sure I want all "location aware" applications to have my exact location when a lower resolution value will suffice.

    By lower resolution I mean the value is rounded up or down by an optional amount (lat and long equivalent of the nearest 1km, 10km, 100km, 1000km).

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Careful now

    With Britain having statistically highest crime rates in Europe for home burglary and theft in general if you complain too much about this you might be thought of being a home burglar.

    You can steal a Mac but plug it in and use and and the police will rock up on you in no time at all. Pretty good disincentive for would be thieves to me.

    +1 for stopping theives

    -1 for the privacy violation rehash-tards

  7. Chris

    I guess...

    this could also be used by the good and gracious ppl of the anti download coalition so they can track ppl down wo the use of an isp... Yes apple fantards I know you will say: "Apple won't do that!! Apple respects our privacy!! Apple has the noblest of intentions for us with this new addition!!!"etc...

    On the flipside we could use this to find all apple owners and send them to detox camp to kick off from their Apple addiction... (I know evil thought!).

    And no apple tards i am not a M$ fanboi... I am a neutral who is tired of seeing you creeps show up everywhere!

  8. Simon

    So will...

    It will be able to tell me that my iMac is sitting on my desk?

    Well maybe a quick fix for Mac laptop owner could be to us a Bluetooth GPS reciever (I have a Nokia LD-3W that works rather nice with my phone)

    Of course GPS is only really good in open areas like fields...

    GPS in pocket, ugh, need-to-aim-coat-at-sky-better-to-get-a-reading.

  9. John Tuffen


    Wow. For a 'neutral', you do a great anti-Apple impersonation.

    (Sooooo tired of all these 'my OS is better than yours' playground arguments).

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    And your point is??

    Since every location aware app on the iPhone requests your permission to access that data I would assume that any app on an iMac would do the same so you simply click "no thanks" and carry on with your life. Its an opt in feature and is not on by default so no privacy issues whatsoever.

    Also since you'd have to have a GPS enabled machine that would mean you'd have to buy one with it built in or buy some kind of add on to enable it so don't want it, don't get it.

    Same applies to all the anti-Apple trolls... you don't like them so you won't buy one so its not your problem is it??

    Paris because she needs GPS to find a new friend.

  11. James O'Shea
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    who cares?

    For this to have the best chance of working, I would have to have installed a GPS module... and as I haven't, it would default to using 'Internet triangulation' methods. This presents a wee problem. In the recent past I had occasion to try out five websites which allegedly could locate someone based on their IP. Of the five, one could not locate my IP at all; apparently that site does not believe that AT&T exists, as no AT&T IP could be tracked. One more thought I was in California. The other three thought, correctly, that my IP was in Florida, but one thought that it was in Jacksonville, several hundred miles north of me, and one in Miami, over a hundred miles south. The only one which got the county correct thought that my IP was in Atlantis, a community about 10 miles south-east of where my home machine actually is.

    And, as I was at the time I did the little experiment, actually sitting in a hotel in Jamaica and remoting into my machine at home, they couldn't tell where I was _really_ connecting from, just the point I was remoting to. And every single one of 'em got that wrong.

    Privacy advocates need not worry. The best that this tech can do is miss your location by 10 miles.

  12. sleepy

    No GPS required

    Location services works on the original iPhone, and it has no GPS. Check out which is fed wifi locations by iPhone 3G's.

    Equally, you might simply enter a fixed location for a desktop machine.

    All your searches (and the advertising thereon) becomes location aware, delivering yet more revenue to Google, and hence Apple. You will be assimilated. Try to enjoy it.

  13. James O'Shea

    re no GPS required

    But the iPhone talks to cell towers and can triangulate your position from said towers. Computers don't talk to cell towers. And their wireless signals can be turned off. And if I were, for example, to enter my location as being 3228 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33406, well, now, the system would think that that's were I am... except, of course, that the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is about five miles from my actual location.

    Personally, I'd love to see 'em try to assimilate Ric 'An M-16 in every squadcar' Bradshaw, the indomitable Sheriff of Canyon Gulch... ah, that is, Palm Beach County. Indeed, I'd pay actual real money to watch.

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