back to article Novell cutting more heads?

Novell employees should brace for more layoffs, beyond the 100 or so the company has officially discussed. Chief executive Ron Hovsepian has told the company's employees in Germany that more cuts are coming, sources close to the company have told The Register. "The day after Hovsepian said no more cuts beyond 100, he told …


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  1. Jay

    Typical Novell

    Just start to get somewhere with something just about decent and they fuck it all up.

    Same old Novell, if they would just invest in their software and stop chasing the fad they could really make an impact on IT.

    Oh and we are a Novell shop. `hangs head in shame`

  2. Tom Silver badge

    And their arch enemy SCO gives up at last

    Winter 2009

    Dear SCO Customers and Partners,

    Blah. Blah. Blah.

    Best regards,

    Jeff Hunsaker

    President & Chief Operating Officer

    SCO Operations

  3. Doogie Howser MD

    In context..

    ..others are laying off too - Microsoft are and it acts as a barometer for the whole industry. Novell are notoriously coy on the number of folks they lay off, but a number of European offices were closed at the back end of last summer. I suppose if they were next to useless, no-one will miss them (the offices, I mean).

    There is still a huge schism between the Provo bunch and the Waltham bunch that's yet to be addressed. If Novell could cure the left hand-right hand syndrome they've got, they'd look pretty good (and I speak from a partner perspective). That's not even counting the drivel coming out of India...(ZCM anyone?)

  4. FreeTard
    Thumb Down

    rpm -e employees

    for i in $( cat employee_list ) ; do rug service-remove $i ; done

    Credit cruch sucks arse.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    re: Typical Novell

    More typical of Novell is that they actually invest in their products quite adequately but fail on a grand scale when marketing them.

    Netware - brilliant

    NDS - gives sliced bread a run for its money.

    but we never see them, never hear about them.

    Yes the Wordperfect thing was a fiasco, but I suspect it only hastened what was going to happen anyway. *nix is a better app server, netware a better file/network server but windows has made huge in-roads into both areas by looking like the default client desktop.

    Novell's marketing is still awful after all these years: "Access Manager", "Compliance Manager", "iManager" are all listed under "Products A-Z." I was bored before I got anywhere near them, despite the fact I suspect they are rather good pieces of software.

    They need to get some decent marketers and put their product and message out there (flash demo, trial VM or whatever) so people can quickly grasp why they should go to Novell rather than relying on AD or work their way through openldap.

  6. James

    Groupwise I hope

    I'll break out the champagne if the cuts include all the perpetrators of Groupwise: at work, I have the misfortune to have my email mangled by that abomination, all because some of my colleagues were dazzled by the claim to have read receipts (which do work - *most* of the time) and a third-rate integrated calendar which apparently somebody uses somewhere on campus. That product just cannot die soon enough!

    The trouble for them is that they were a single-product company: Netware - the product they've virtually abandoned to go off and become yet another Linux distro. Whoops.

  7. Gareth


    "NetWare was the network operating system standard that predated - and was outsold by - Microsoft's Windows NT"

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