back to article Tazzari specs up UK-friendly electric runabout

The Tazzari Zero popped up our radar late last year, but as details were few and far between we let it be. Now, however, Tazzari has a shiny new web site - complete with a Car Configurator - so we dropped them a line to see what the deal was. Tazzari Zero Tazzari's Zero: Firstly, there will be a right-hand drive model for …


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  1. GreyCells

    Same problem as Smart

    What percentage of second cars (this would rarely be a primary vehicle) are used for the school run? At a minimum, we need 1+2 (i.e. 1 adult and two children) but preferably 1+3 to accommodate the nuclear family...

    Lose the boot space for two extra (small) seats and you've opened up a whole new market.

  2. Ash
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    16k of epic fail.

    Why? Just WHY?

    I had a moped which did 0-30mph quicker, a higher top speed, better range, didn't get stuck in traffic, had space for a bag of shopping under the seat, cost £25 in fuel and oil per month, could be parked anywhere, and was £1750 brand new.

    If you want an urban runabout, you go on two wheels. See Ho Chi Minh City for details.

  3. Eponymous Cowherd
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    No, No, No, No, NO!!!

    Look, £16K for a leccy bug won't cut it.

    You can buy a new, conventional 'supermini' for less then half that price, which is faster, more comfortable, has a greater range and takes only 3 mins to 'recharge' (with petrol) at a filling station.

    The £8K saved will pay for 1000 days of London congestion charge, that's over four years of 5-day weeks! So even in London it's of extremely doubtful value.

    Only greeeny zealots would even consider this thing.

  4. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    When I saw the pic

    I thought "I like it - looks a bit like a mini". Unfortunately,,I agree with your other points as well. It should be half the price and it doesn't exactly look like it has much in the way of crash protection (probably better than a moped though). Plus there's no way you'd get a ton of gold in the back.

  5. TeeCee Gold badge
    Dead Vulture


    Alfa SZ and Issigonis Mini? No way.

    Try Pontiac Aztec and Daihatsu Materia. That is one fugly vehicle. It only looks like a mini in that both are on the small side and have four wheels......

  6. Pete James

    Another con job

    You know, I think this personifies the current (sorry) rash of electric powered vehicles. It's not really very versatile. It's performance and range is pretty abysmal. And the R&D has been kept to the bare minimum. But the most telling part is the price.

    There is just no justification for asking so much cash for a vehicle with such a low parts count and lack of any infrastructure behind it, that provides vastly inferior protection, performance and practicality when compared to other vehicles, and has no meaningful reason behind it's design. These vehicles aren't being created to satisfy a demand but to make people a fast buck. And that is a fundamental mistake which today's market can see right through.

    The article mentioned Issigonis, and it's worth thinking about him here in the context of designing an alternative fulled vehicle. The mini was created to respond to the sales of the bubble cars. Issigonis believed he could do far better and provide transportation to the average family within a small package. His focus was on that, not on raking in some quick money. Now, if he were alive today, I somehow doubt very much that he would conjure up anything quite so backwards or badly reasoned as the Tazzari - or the G-Wizz or Tesla or others. His ideas would not, in isolation, be far-fetched either. Just clever, practical and reasoned. But as a whole he would quite probably swat away these pretenders with something quite extraordinary.

    Sadly Sir Alec was a real one-off. Gordon Murray, for his cleverness, is perhaps thinking along some slightly wrong lines with the T25 mentioned by another contributor recently - but he's about the only one having a real go. The rest, as so amply demonstrated by this misguided offering, are a complete waste of time.

  7. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    Missed out the important numbers

    How many charge cycles will the battery survive, and how much will a new battery cost? Electricity is cheaper than petrol (because of petrol tax), but a replacement battery puts the running costs vaguely level again.

    I would not bet on these cars having any boot space at all. To fit a child behind the seats I think you will need a large liquidizer.

  8. Steven Jones

    No game changer

    So it's twice the price of a G-Wiz with perhaps 25% more power and range. It also won't be crash tested, so maybe it is going to crumple just as badly. Also we only have artist mock-ups to go on. As for the driving modes - well I suppose that it's just a few electronic control gimmicks, but surely of precious little use (what does the economy mode do - just limit the power?).

    The automotive industry is going to have to do a lot better than this unless it is to appeal only to a few well-heeled city dwellers who can afford to excorcise their eco-guilt with one of these contraptions.

  9. Steve Anderson
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    Don't forget the VAT.

    £16k excluding VAT is £18,400 inclusive this year and £18,800 next year. Screw that. If it were under £7k it might have legs (or wheels, a ho ho) but £18.8k is taking the piddle. You could get a bunch of engineering students to build you something better for less and get it based on a car that you could survive a crash in.

  10. Anonymous John

    @ No, No, No, No, NO!!!

    Electric cars are exempt from the congestion charge. it's still twice the price I'd be prepared to pay though..

  11. Elmer Phud

    As much as I like the the idea of being 'Eco' . . .

    . . .there are small city cars that are almost half the price and despite them having infernal combustion engines ( to quote Jeremy Clarkson) 'all that comes out the exhaust are baby foxes'.

    Is it really better to generate electricity to power fairly useless and costly vehicles or to develop vehicles for towns that not only are cheap, which encourages people to buy them, but also have some speed and range which makes them useful vehicles to own.

    If folks are really, really concerned about saving the planet instead of playing the ' I am considerably greener than yaow' ticket with a leccy car use public transport instead. Then maybe use some of the extra income peple obviously have in order to afford a Toyota Pious and give some dosh to campaigns for real public transport.

    My jacket is a yellow fluoro one even in the snow bikes work.

  12. spam

    Pull the other one

    Why not buy a second hand milk float? Same performance, much more space for the shopping and about 15,000 quid cheaper.

  13. Eponymous Cowherd
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    @Anonymous John

    ***"Electric cars are exempt from the congestion charge. it's still twice the price I'd be prepared to pay though.."***

    Yeeees, that was the point I was making.

    I'll spell it out more succinctly for the hard of thinking....

    You could spend £8K, for example, on a new 1.3 Suzuki Swift (£7600 OTR) and the saving you make over this leccy pile of junk would fund your congestion charge on your £8K **petrol** car for over 4 years (nearly 5, actually, as I'd missed that leccy price was ex VAT)

  14. Anonymous Coward
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    Another fantasy car

    "With the Zero due to go in to production later this year, we would have hoped for some rather less, well, imaginary images, but you can't have everything..."

    Yes, what you certainly will not have is a production model by the end of the year!

  15. druck Silver badge

    0. (Zero point)

    Zero - is that the name or the sales target for this hideous, impractical, death trap of a battery shitbox?

  16. Anonymous John

    @ @Anonymous John

    I know what you mean, but if I had a choice of paying an extra £8000 for a car or pay £8000 Congestion charge, I'd choose the first. I hate paying tax etc.

    I don't live in London anyway. But apart from the cost, that car would suit me fine. I could always hire a car if I needed to make a longer journey.

  17. Paul Stockwell
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    No Use for the School Run

    Because its not driven by enough wheels (4WD preferred)

    Its less than 6 foot wide

    Weighs less than 3 tons

    Has a ground clearance less than 8 inches

    Doesn't scare the bejesus out of normal car owners

    Isn't Black

    Doesn't have tinted glass

    Won't survive the driver pulling away from the kerb into the path of traffic without looking

    If you live in London you choose between the vehicle described above and buying new roadsprings every four months due to the profusion of 'sleeping policemen' everywhere. On a recent trip there I was given a lift in a 4WD and realised why it was so much more suitable than a normal vehicle.

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