back to article Nokia 6600 Fold clamshell phone

What swings it for you? First-in-class features? Terrific usability? Value for money? Or is it pure design style? While some mobile makers have been cosying up to top fashion houses for the kiss of designer cachet, Nokia has been busy doing its own thing, and the 6600 Fold is its latest model to sashay that fine line between …


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  1. David Love

    Perfect for girls

    My wife doesn't give a monkey's about 3G, GPS, WiFi or Bluetooth.

    But she loves the 6600's big buttons for texting with long nails, and the slinky clamshell to slip into the matching pink pouch to slip into the matching pink handbag,

    Pure fashion. And it works.

  2. ffrankmccaffery

    style over substance?

    this reviews typical of a geek viewing a phone through his own set of criteria and not of the intended customer

This topic is closed for new posts.

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