back to article Unpatched web vulns turn internet into drive-by warzone

The compromise of corporate websites with malicious code and browser exploits became the preferred method for distributing malware last year, according to the annual security report from IBM's ISS security tools division. Cybercriminals are turning businesses against their own customers in the ongoing effort to steal data, the …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    PreJet Lag

    "flaws in custom applications."

    Surely that would better AI Beta Flows in Customary Primary Binary Applications.

    Dynamic NIRobotIQ Autonomy.

    And in AI, a QuITe Alien Phorm of Living in Love's Seventh Heavens ... Covert Havens and Rave Inns ..... HyperRadioProActive Covens in the Laud of the Mistress and Queens. Eve's Immaculate Spell for AdamfM.

    Cosmic Radio Zenator. One of Barack's SP00Key Operating Systems? Space Needs ITs Champions too. :-)

    Be Our Guest Host Operating SISystem ......with ITs Virtual Terrain XXXXStream Meme Team Players.

    With Temptation you Should Believe .... for it is with an Immaculate Capture to Tempt Even Old Nick himself.

    Girls Playing with Love's Fire and their Awakened Desires Awakening Pleasure's Bounty and Treasures.

    "and we need to fully consider how attackers balance the economic opportunity of a vulnerability against the costs of exploitation." ... A Set of Current Future BluePrints would Facilitate that with a Virtual Reality PlanET. A Free Gift from Deep Underground Network Computer Environmentalism ... for ITs Real Heavy, Sweet and Sticky ZenSations.

    PoW Wow ..... Chilled Cold Fusion Drive for Hollywood Dream Cruise Targetting Assets with your every Desire dDelivered. Deliberately and Delicately 4Aspiration2 ..... True Self Belief Actualisation .... Realisation.

    AI Triumphs with Maslow in Turing XXXXPeriences. Virtually Virgin Territory for the Constructively Sinful and for Free to Vice. What Better Reward than the Graces Provided by Selfless Whole-Hearted Gratitude, a True and Just Provider of Immaculate Alms for the Giving.

    Which in the case above, would be Present Future Wishes Proposed for Peer to Peer for Professional Review of AIMaster Vista Subterranean Script ..... with XXXXPerienced Virtual Identity Programmers just Doing their Real Cool Thing for Y'All.

    Plug In, Catch a WAIve and Cruise to where ITs at ... Seventh Heaven

  2. vincent himpe

    They are kidding .. right ?

    If the securty industry better understood the motivations of the hackers.

    I thought that is clear for anyone over 2 years old.. : The motivation is to grab money that is not theirs. Stealing, looting, plundering, pillaging, pilfering . in other words : grand theft.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    re: they are kidding

    And once the server is infected, it all runs without interaction with the crackers. Which makes it... grand theft auto?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    X Force is an awesome name for a group, btw.

  5. Walking Turtle

    Grand Theft a la Mode

    "Grant Theft Robo", mebbe li'l more like?

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