back to article Dell expands XPS all-in-one line with 24in boy

Dell has revamped its XPS One all-in-one desktop PC, packing in a 24in "edge-to-edge" display capable of full 1080p HD playback. Dell XPS One 24 Dell's XPS One 24: full HD display The XPS One 24 comes with an Intel 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo E7200 or a 2.33GHz Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor, 2GB of 800MHz DDR 2 memory and a 320GB …


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  1. Another Anonymous Coward
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    More expensive than an iMac!

    Would have thought Dell would have at least been able to beat Apple's pricing, but this is lower-specced than an 24" imac that's £50 cheaper, and about the same spec as a 24" imac that's £250 cheaper.

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