back to article Sony stands by 10m PS3 full-year sales forecast

Despite experiencing a dip in sales, Sony is adamant that it’ll achieve its goal of selling 10m PlayStation 3s by the end of its current financial year. Sony’s CFO, Nobuyuki Oneda, said in an earnings call late last week that “on a full-year basis, we believe we are on track to sell the 10m units that I said at the beginning …


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  1. Andy Worth

    Prepare yourselves!!!

    Fanbois on both sides start screaming in 3.....2.....1......

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Like the PS1 and PS2 before it...

    It's not about making headlines in the first couple of years, it's about the full 10yr plan. Anyone that thinks that the current Wii/360/PS3 sort order will last is clearly deluded.

    The 360 has run out of steam (absolutely nothing platform exclusive on 360 in 2009 thats noteworthy), and the Wii sales have been on a steady decline for 8 months now, as consumers so it for what it is, a shovelware platform.

  3. Yorkshirepudding
    Gates Horns


    that the PS3 may never eclipse the 360 for sales and certainly not the wii as the wii has universal appeal and the 360 does have a head start and probably a bit more broad appeal

    thats not neccesarily a bad thing as the ps3 has some good games with some more on the way, not to mention its a cut price blu-ray player and has social networking if you count horny teenagers flocking round female avatars on ps home as social networking lol

    trouble is the ps3 is still expensive...

    evil bill... well i dont want to fund his retierment

  4. Anonymous Coward


    El Reg - can you obtain and publish the XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii sales figures for November and December 08 ?

    From the very small sample size (10) in my son's school for Year 9 pupils, 8 got the XBOX360, 2 got a PS3. The reason for the XBOX360 was XBOX Live (which adds £40 per year to the running costs) - they play Halo3 and Call of Duty on line. If you add in the networking equipment and XBOX Live the cost of the XBOX360 is close to the PS3 so cost can't be the main reason.

    It'd be interesting on a national and international scale how the platforms compare and if the Wii still maintains a lead...

  5. calagan
    Thumb Up


    I think the goal is realistic: the Wii crowd will eventually get bored of playing Wii Sports and seek a console with a wider offering of decent games.

    Moreover, HDTVs have been selling really well lately and the PS3 is the perfect addition to them.

    Even if the hardware sales goal is not met, I wouldn't worry too much: a large part of the income is coming from software licensing and on that front, being the only console to this day that hasn't been hacked is a huge advantage.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Wii Crowd

    There appears to be some sort of delusion that people who buy a Wii are hardcore gamers that will see the light and buy a PS3 when in actual fact the main attraction of the Wii appears to be exactly that it is not a hardcore gaming system.

    check out: if you want to see it in simple terms. Oh, link NRSFW if truth be told.

    Yes I own a Wii, and I think it is brilliant. If I want to play serious games I use my PC, which is far better that a PS3 or XBOX anyway.

  7. ElFatbob

    @AC 12:35

    I think that anecdotally, what you have described is common. A number of my friends who got their kids a 360 said they did so because their kids friends had them and the kids wanted to go online and play their friends...

    Also the recent price point of some of the 360 models at about £130 makes an attractive headline figure, not counting the little add-ons....

    I think the PS3 might well hold out in the long run as it is a more versatile entertainment unit....

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: Relative

    Well that's kids for ya. If you take a more grown up audience, like my uni, then 12 people have PS3's and 6 have 360's and 4 have both.

    Suppose that proves, the 360 is the kids console, the 360 is for the more mature audience.

  9. Rob


    You hit the nail on the head Lee, Wii is a different target audience all together. I like my computer games I do play a few online with some mates via the PC. The Wii however is a different class of social gaming, you have people online, or you have people round, the number of times I've got together with a few mates round and we've wasted a few hours laughing our arses off at each other playing on the Wii.

    Makes for a half decent web surfing experience via the TV as well. In the long run I think the Wii will offer a lot more services that involve a lot more of the household in the years to come. This will be the typical household and one of those members will probably own a 360/PS3 as well as.

  10. calagan


    I think it's inaccurate to classify the PS3 as a hardcore gamer-only machine. The titles available for download on PSN can keep most casual gamers happy (e.g Eden, Calling All Cars, Lumines Supernova, Fl0w, etc...). Moreover, folks who bought the PS3 for its Blueray/Media Center capabilities are usually way past the age of hardcore gaming.

    On the other hand, EA, Activision and others will gradually abandon the Wii, as they did with the GameCube and once again Nintendo will have to keep his much-hyped baby on life support all by itself.

  11. Alex
    Thumb Up

    Fair Enough

    @Andy Worth: Cynic.. ;o)

    Anyway, I think it's safe to say that the "My cock is bigger than your cock" brigade has moved on to something new. All formats are well established and liked by their respective users (Yes Andy, or Fanbois) ;o)

    Not sure about the 10m target, but to paraphrase what AC@12.35 said: it can't be price as the same like-for-like kit across the 360 and PS3 is roughly the same cost. You can get by on cheaper options of kit, but personally it's down to the demogs of the products.

  12. ElFatbob


    not sure what you mean by not being hacked?

    Console or games? I know the games have been hacked....

  13. Daniel B.

    Entry-price cost

    The price *is* a factor when people get a 360 instead of a PS3. If you check out my local GameRush's price lists, you find that the XBox360 is cheaper than the Wii... but when you check out the consoles, you'll find that it is the 360 *Arcade* that has a low price tag. The really good 360's are around the current PS3's price tag $400? $500? and that is without adding XBox Live fees.

    But the regular buyer doesn't check out the additional costs.

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