back to article Japan takes smile detection to new heights

Smile detection features on many compact cameras nowadays. But an offshoot of the technology’s now been designed to detect the strength of your subject’s smile. Smile_scan_01 Smile Scan rates the quality of your smile Smile Scan software measures movements on key points of your face, such as the edges of your mouth, your …


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  1. Ascylto
    Black Helicopters


    This is going to prove really useful. With the introduction of (UK) ID cards and iris checks the government can insist that certain services will be available ONLY to those who smile*. Grim-faced personages can be denied access to public buildings, transport and benefits. The government can then prove conclusively that we are much happier in a 24-hour surveillance society.

    (* excludes children and employees of H M Government and rich or influential personages)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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