back to article Adobe claims Apple 'collaboration' on iPhone Flash

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has spun yet another pirouette in his company's dance with Apple regarding the development of a Flash player for the iPhone. "It’s a hard technical challenge," Narayen told Bloomberg last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, "and that’s part of the reason Apple and Adobe are …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Narayen told Bloomberg last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

    Just what the hell is happening in Davos? I can understand the world leaders being there, but what is with the tech companies CEOs?

    And, more importantly, is PH there?

  2. Walking Turtle

    Ball? Check. Court? Check. Delivery... Hm.

    "The ball is in our court," he said. "The onus is on us to deliver."

    Deliver? Indeed. Um, hah can ye have yer puddin' when ye've naht hahd yer MEAT, laddie-buck?

    Mebbe the hubris of Redmond be full on ye @ Cair Adobos, it doth appear. First things first, y'know. Mebbe iffen yer code-lurvin' Adobeheads'd just first learn to write a non-leaky, full-function, *stable*, compact and otherwise generally reliable Linux version of their otherwise very fine Flash player, the lessons learned therein might just carry straight on over into iTinyWorld and all would be well? But a company that can consistently make Linux/KDE's Konqui browser look like a bad actor, how might such a company ever reliably provide any such thing only of lasting merit to Apple Herself, indeed without reliably making the iPhone look bad (ok, worse) too?

    Konqui ain't crashin'. et al sure does fine for that action, though.

    Dozens of live-CD+mirror system installs I have done over five years' span. Full patches, right proper firewalling, antivirus etc and all. Handbuilt from scratch and a shop-standard package list. All reliably holds up just dandy at first, just like a well-crafted time bomb.

    No matter the hardware (I have several different in my own wee lab), Linux Flash Player inevitably breaks - a few days to several weeks (at most and not so very often to last that long) down the line. Holds a desktop suite slap-bam back right smart, it does. Not like with Windows or for that matter Firefox on Linux. One rather large PITA re the Konqueror and wot's really up wi' that action, anywho?

    Do it for free until what you do is at last actually worth money, AdobeLads! That is how I made my way and created my own niche in this world; might you guys be so very different for bein' corpy and all? From the outside looking in, I think Team KDE has done all it can without indeed violating your own precious giveaway patents, yes I do.

    To be fair, surely there just likely might be many very complicated mitigating development factors not reflected in this mine humble tho' frustrated commentary, to be sure. So what at the end of the day in Compiler Hell really are the actual issues with it all, hm?

    Seriously. One who would understand the whole schlemazel is asking in public.

    Right on cue as I wrap this up: "The application unknown (nspluginviewer) crashed and caused the signal 11 (SIGSEGV)..." My email still works reliably, though. Who viewing here wants the backtrace afore I clear the clipboard?

    Com. PDQ. At. Comcast. Dot. Net. is mine. Gets checked regularly.

    My first Penguin. Thank'ee for that distinct honor, Adobe Corporation! :)

  3. James Robertson


    Honestly dont miss flash on the iPhone, If they put it on I hope they have an option to enable or disable as required.

  4. Giles Jones Gold badge

    A mobile is place for Flash

    There's no real purpose or place for flash on a mobile. There's not enough screen real estate or resolution to have it embedded in a web page.

    Much of the flash I miss out on will be animated adverts.

    YouTube is the main useful purpose for it but there's a dedicated app for that.

    Most phones that do have it have a flash lite player.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    F*ck the iPhone

    How about updating Flash on the Wii first?

  6. Toastan Buttar
    Paris Hilton

    Elonex OneT

    There's a Flash player built in to my Elonex OneT and I'm pretty sure the iPhone has a much more capable processor than that piddley wee thing. Certainly, it has to work offline and can't handle Flash Video, but it's ideal for keeping up with Weebl & Bob and Homestarrunner, and playing Flash-based games.

    My old laptop has a 850MHz P3 Mobile and it can play YouTube videos full-screen (1440 x 1024)from within the browser. Surely to goodness an iPhone can hack that !

    If you reduce the bitrate, framerate and resolution you can watch 'One Night In Paris' on the Elonex OneT !

  7. Richard Cartledge

    Bish bash it happened in a flash

    I don't miss it, but concede that I would do on the desktop. I agree that Flash is terribly CPU hogging to achieve very little, some banner ads cause older PCs to grind to a snail's pace, and just leaving a few ad-riddled webpages open on my Macbook will make the fans ramp up after a minute. It would be no good like this on a small device as it would go slow, get warm and the battery charge would plummet.

  8. Neil Hoskins

    Or... could buy just about any other smartphone out there, because just about any other smartphone in the universe apart from the iHype has no problems running Flash Lite, Java, multitasking, full bluetooth, etc, etc.

    Fucking hell, I'm getting bored with pointing out that the rest of the world has been doing this stuff for years. When is the message going to get through?

  9. Nameless Faceless Computer User
    IT Angle

    I think I know what's going on

    It's starting to sound like the programmer who wrote Flash for Adobe quit the company and they're scrambling to recover.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Neil Hoskyns

    "When is the message going to get through?"

    Probably never as we've all had this old stuff before.

  11. Stuart Castle Silver badge

    RE: Elonex OneT

    @Toastan Butter;

    "There's a Flash player built in to my Elonex OneT and I'm pretty sure the iPhone has a much more capable processor than that piddley wee thing."

    I doubt that the reason is that the iPhone's CPU is not capable, but more that the more processing a CPU has to do, the more electrical power it uses. Not an issue when using a desktop PC (where you have an effectively infinite supply). It's more of an issue on a laptop, but you still have a large battery. On any mobile device (and this is actually part of the reason Adobe haven't developed a full flash player on other mobiles) you have only a small battery, so power usage is critical.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: I think I know what's going on

    "It's starting to sound like the programmer who wrote Flash for Adobe quit the company and they're scrambling to recover."

    Given that Adobe got Flash via the acquisition of Macromedia, there's a very good chance that that particular horse bolted a long, *long* time ago.

  13. Jonathan

    The solution to this...

    is for it to work just like the current QuickTime media player does on the iPhone. Only playback what is actively loa tded by the user in a standalone app, rather than have it load on the webpage. That way, it is the user who gets to dictate how much battery life they want to be sucked up by Flash.

  14. Brain

    too hard to do on a mobile device?

    What exactly is hard about writing a flash player for the iphone? I've had a perfectly good flash player on my N95 for over 2 years now, with no issues... I don't see any difficulty here in making it work on a mobile platform, power consumption or memory usage wise...?

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