back to article Bosses swear data protection oath

The heads of several public sector organisations, but none from central government, have signed a promise to protect personal information. Richard Thomas, the information commissioner, launched the 10 point Personal Information Promise on 28 January 2009. Those signing have pledged to "go further than just the letter of the …


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  1. Hollerith

    sure, sure

    My bosses sign all sorts of agreements to protect this or respect that, and we continue on our merry way. Mine's the one with the flash drive full of client data in the pocket.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BT - Phorm

    oh they jest - they are already trampling over data protection laws, nice of them to promise but what if they break the promise? They should already be dealing with people not only in just a disciplinary hearing but in criminal prosecutions if they misuse or have unauthorised access to data when the data belongs to someone else.

    Most computer misuse is not done by outside crackers, it is done by people in the organisation who have been given access by misconfiguration or sheer incompetence, that is where all the button kiddies are, they are the receptionists, sys admins, project managers, tea boys of the world.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    eter Fahy, the chief constable of Greater Manchester ???........

    He is having a laugh . No way on this planet will the Police EVER ,EVER comply with any laws

    whatsoever. Yes they may put on such a front that "Mrs Smith at Number 9" thinks these men in uniform are so nice, BUT little does Mrs Smith actually know about what they do when they are

    not having a cup of tea and small talk with her. As for FAHY , no way will he comply at all ever, given the force he used to work for.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Gas anyone lifted the curtain ?........

    there's nothing at all behind it, much the same as there is nothing at all behind these so called

    promises .

  5. RW

    No teeth: a promise worse than useless

    What surprises me (not much, just a little) is that these men are so out of touch that they think a 1950-ish action "signing a promise" means anything to anyone anymore.

    It certainly doesn't mean a thing to them in the absence of enforceable personal penalties. Don't they realize no one pays the slightest attention to grade school tactics like this? If you are a manager, public or private, it is presumed you will lie about anything and are indeed lying your head off at this very moment about something.

    It's not a contract and it's not binding in any way.

    What, pray tell, _is_ the point?

    I believe the right wing (i.e. the American GOP and the UK NuLab parties) call this "self-regulation." What a bunch of bullshit.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ICO just playing to the gallery, this changes nothing.

  7. The Sceptic
    Thumb Down

    Loss of bonus as a measure of good faith

    If these guys are the genuine article why don't they sign a legal document stating they will resign if neglect is shown and forfiet any pay off tied into their contract?

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