back to article Novell GroupWise bug threatens mass email theft

Security researchers have identified two critical holes in Novell's GroupWise WebAccess, the web front end for the company's email and employee collaboration package, that allow malicious hackers to steal user messages with ease. All supported versions of the program are vulnerable. One vulnerability allows an attacker to …


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  1. Chris Wright


    GroupWise = Fail ! It's the buggiest software ever used

  2. kenzie


    Not only is it awful to use, someone's going to steal all my email.

  3. tim

    The truth the whole truth and...

    Having been part of that pen test, I can say that this article not quite accurate.

    The vulnerability exists when acting as a logged in user - so it's one of your mates thats the problem!

    These and a number of other issues in WebAccess are addressed in a release that is scheduled for this PM.

    And as for buggy! I think you need to review the uptime of a GW system and compare that to Exchange - boy is that a laugh.

  4. Neil Stansbury


    as I love GroupWise personally - far more reliable and sophisticated than Lookout.

    It's ironic the only viruses GroupWise ever gets are the one's forwarded by Outlook users.

  5. Adrian Pastor

    regarding "acting as a logged in user"

    As in most CSRF bugs, the victim user must be logged-in when the attack occurs. This also applies to this GroupWise CSRF vuln. Notice that the victim user would be logged-in when the "evil" email is viewed via GroupWise WebAccess, thus this attack is practical. This is the very reason why cross-site vulnerabilities (XSS/CSRF) on webmail portals are considered serious: the victim user is *logged-in* when an email is viewed.

    Hope this makes sense.



  6. Alex Evans

    Fixes available

    All, I am the GroupWise Product Manager at Novell. A security patch is available now. Customers who are using GroupWise WebAccess should go to and download the latest patches (GroupWise 7 SP3 HP2 or GroupWise 8 HP1) to fix these vulnerabilities. Instructions to install the patches come with the download. Novell takes security seriously and has a proven history in addressing customer needs and GroupWise continues to be the most secure collaboration platform in enterprise email today.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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