back to article First piss-drinking astronauts to go on live TV

NASA has announced that the first astronauts to survive in orbit by drinking their own recycled urine will meet their public on live TV next Wednesday. Four of the six members of the planned Expedition 20 crew for the International Space Station (ISS) will give a media briefing, according to the space agency. Expedition 20 …


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  1. BillboBaggins

    I for one...

    welcome our new piss swilling overlords!

    Why have they not followed the lead of Blackadder and Baldrick on their sailing trip to the new world?

    It's the one with the suspitious stains down the front

  2. J-Wick

    Comment too long for title - see below

    You enjoyed writing this article waaaaaaaaay too much, didn't you?

    Though use of the word 'spunk' brought worrying images to mind - let's hope they don't try to recycle that too...

    [Afternoon, Samantha ;) ]

  3. Anonymous Coward


    is taking the pi....

    Sorry it's Friday afternoon.


  4. Luis Ogando
    Paris Hilton

    Gypsies Kiss

    So what happens when these brave spacefarers get back to Earth and give their loved ones a huge kiss with wee-wee stained lips?


    Paris because, well, she MUST have done at some point.!

  5. Anonymous John

    "First piss-drinking astronauts to go on live TV"

    No. Samples were brought back for lab testing on the last Shuttle launch, and I understand more samples will be returned next month.

    No recycled water has been drunk yet.

  6. Andy Barber

    "self-sourced beverages"

    LOL! :-))

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  8. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge


    Do they stick to their own or drink each others?

  9. JimC

    Hate to disillusion you folks

    But you've been drinking recycled urine - and much much worse - all your lives. And I once heard a rumour that the average water molecule goes through about 5 kidneys on its path from rain via river Thames to the sea...

  10. J-Wick


    I meant 'Sarah' of course. Got confused with the whole Samantha Bee off of Comedy Central & overcorrected. Whoops.

  11. ian

    Aboard the ISS

    The steely-eyed rocket men of the good ship pISS no longer rent their beer, they have long-term leases.

    I'm looking forward to the hundreds of comments on this story.

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  13. Anonymous Coward

    Golden shower

    Since the 'piss' is clean enough to drink, how long before we get in space golden showers?

    (Probably after they've created a gravity simulating machine, but I've overlooked that fact in the name of funnies)

    Mine's the one with the shower cap hastily stuffed in the pocket.

  14. Daniel B.
    Thumb Up

    Re: Hate to disillusion you folks

    You just reminded me of that Spanish song called "Mi Aguita Amarilla" (My Yellow Water)... which describes precisely how the guy takes the piss, and his "yellow water" makes its way to the sea, passing through the water YOU drink, drunk by the cows YOU eat, and eventually the fish you also eat.

    Even here in good ole Earth we have to filter our water before drinking, otherwise we would still get cholera from drinking tap water. (Ok, in some countries you still have to filter tap water as well, but that's another story.)

  15. Mike Flugennock

    Media briefing? D'ahh, crap.

    Damn you, Page; your headline made it sound as if NASA was going to telecast live TV of the first bottles of recycled piss being drunk aboard the ISS, perhaps followed by a cut to a shot of the Mission Commander licking his lips and declaring "Mmmm, great piss!". Now, I sure as hell would've tuned in for _that_.

    But no, we just get them sitting at a press briefing, just _talking_ about how they're going to be the first piss-drinkers in space. Big damn' deal.

    <cue nasty fetish jokes here>

  16. BlacKSacrificE
    Paris Hilton

    Piss-drinking astronauts they said?!

    ..And here I was getting all excited at the prospect of the first in-orbit biffo on the back of Romanenko distilling some vodka from some old food packaging and boots! And then I read this?!

    Paris, cuz she knows how to create a headline :p

  17. Johnny Honk

    Just wondering...

    How long until they recycle the chocolate cake?

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  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Pee drinking fetishism goes mainstream...

  20. Tim Brown

    It always confused me...

    ...that the crew of the Enterprise were never caught out during their travels.

    "Captain, the Romulans are attacking!"

    "Gimme a minute - and throw the chef in the brig for serving curried eggs last night!"

  21. Anony mouse


    at least it's over a video link so noone has to smell whatever's on their breath..

  22. Gav

    The one question everybody asks

    The Apollo astronauts always say that the one question they always get asked is about what the toilet arrangements were. So I don't know if it's comforting or not that here we are, 40 years later, and still the one detail that excites the most interest is still talk about wee.

    Any aliens that chose to contact us in future better be prepared that the first thing we're going to want to know is how they handle spending a penny in the depths of space. Other technological and sociological chit-chat can wait.

    The human race ; conqueror the universe one urinal at a time.

  23. JP Strauss

    I just hope...

    ...that they don't serve asparagus or beetroot on the ISS. Although mix-a-drink should be compulsory.

  24. Peter Stern

    The next step is poo...

    I figure the next thing to tackle is the Food/Poo problem.

    They'll either figure out how to use the Poo as fuel like Top Gear did... OR... they'll figure out how to convert the Poo into Chocolate Bars...

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