back to article Silverlight 3 and 4 to 'open up new areas' - Microsoft

The next two releases of Silverlight will take Microsoft's media player in completely new directions, the technical executive in charge has promised. The corporate vice president of Microsoft's developer division Scott Guthrie told the company's Channel 9 "whole new areas you can't do today will start to open up" with …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward Opera support?

    By "open up" is Guthrie referring to finally spending the one developer-day to support millions of Opera users with Silverlight 3...?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Guthrie single handedly wrecked ASP.NET...

    and Mix XXX is pure marketing crap. Microsoft will never write naively for Linux, and their Mac stuff is always bound to suck. The future of the Internet lies with Javascript and SVG, they just don't get it yet.

  3. ffrankmccaffery

    in with one and out with . .

    just when the bastards at microsoft agree to the standards govering web design they come up with this piece of shit. Ive been an opera user for almost a decade and have had to put up with this companys devious business practices and just when i thought it had finally changed its ways

  4. Fernando
    Paris Hilton



  5. Paul


    Sounds more like the standard MS, viruses exploits etc, "whole new areas you can't do today will start to open up".

    Since when has MS passed up the opportunity to embrace, extend, and extinguish. And when have they EVER sandboxed an application properly, oh thats right they'll get it right in the next version. Ha!

    (Afraid to touch such a product from such a diseased source)

  6. Will


    Silverlight is aiming to be as "installed" as flash. Are they going to open up Direct3D? ok, security would be tricky, but the benefits! 3D apps are actually quite small if you've been careful. Flash (I just mistyped it flawsh, but I think that represents the flourish that a designer would put on its pronunciation) has introduced 3D and MS need to catch up / not get left behind again.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    @Will: nop, flash doesn't have proper 3d support. You can do some kind of strange 3d tween I believe, but you've got no access to any hardware 3d capabilities from your ActionScript code.

    So there. Now let's just hope that those people coding moonlight at the mono project have got plans to do all this, too...

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Silverlight !

    You can stick it where there ain't no light. More MS propriety single platform lock-in shite, NO THANKS !

    MS, we have you sussed

  9. Steven Raith
    IT Angle



    having been on Linux primarily for about three years now, this whole silverlight thing has passed my by. I'm assuming it's Flash, but without any of the useful stuff Flash does [which isn't much, natch]?

    Steven R

  10. Francis Fish

    More DRM too?

    Like we really need a system crippled with it, err, Vista?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Marketing bullcrap

    I'd be much more impressed if that was the number of installations still running. Wasn't it a forced download at one point on Windows LiveFuckup?

  12. paulc

    trying to lock the web up

    behind a microsoft toll gate...

    the supposed support for Linux (via Moonlight) is merely a sop so they can make the specious claim that their technology is multi-platform... moonlight will always be at least one version number behind what silverlight currently is at... and running moonlight requires Linux users to admit that mono crap onto their machines along with all the potential patent nastiness...

    and when it comes to mono, I'm really unhappy that Gnome is becoming more and more reliant on it being there...

  13. James

    Fucking Silverlight

    From a mac user.

  14. Tom

    Gosh Super

    So SIlverlight is going to do what Javascript would have done long ago if MS hadnt cut its head off and poohed down its neck - sorry 'joined in with the standardisation process'.

    Just what I need - another way of letting lousy marketing departments say 'Hello' in two hundred meg of download and all my CPU .....

  15. raving angry loony

    the stink of something rotten

    Wouldn't touch Silverlight with a 10' barge pole. Yet another attempt by Microsoft to gain another foothold on peoples desktops while trying to carve up more competitors. We've had that pain before, and I for one am not going there again.

  16. Doug

    all PR

    It is always PR from Microsoft and it is PR 7/24. You can tell from their entire history of saying one thing and doing yet another. Friend to open source? Ya, right. Listening to the customer? Ya, right. Did you read how they recently were planning all kinds of ways to stop Intel from migrating the UNIX customers of the large OEM's over to Linux on Intel hardware? And it was not by providing solutions on Windows, it was by leveraging their marketshare and control over the OEMs and their relationships with Microsoft. You know, there were probably threats of increased licensing fees, lost marketing kick-backs, and the standard strongarm tactics they know so well.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Platform independent 3D?

    or tied to MS's OS?

    Houston, we are entering the "extend" phase....

    Mind you, this could backfire: web-based malware - now with vector-processing inside!

    Seriously, why would you want 3D in a browser? Not fast enough for "proper" games, but wouldn't be allowed to replace OS functionality without Windows underneath. This is ActiveX 2.0

    I know its available to all via moonlight, but history teaches us that they just can't resist adding extra features for that wholesome Windows-only tie-in.

    If you really want to do the intarwebby thing, how about an MS Office version of GoogleDocs, for zero-config apps. I'm sure businesses would love to use that internally.

    Ah yes, Office without Windows... and unicorns and rainbows...

  18. Chris Young
    Dead Vulture

    anti mS

    Will there ever come a day when the anti-MS fucktards will shut up? Fuck me, you lot are boring. Tha same drivel in the comments to any article that dares use the word Microsoft.

  19. Gerry
    Jobs Horns

    @Chris Young

    Are you a Microserf then? 'Fess up son.

  20. Anonymous Coward

    media player?

    uhh, what? Is flash a media player? No. Can you build a media player in flash? Yes. Silverlight is the same, it's just a technology to do stuff in a browser.

  21. The BigYin


    Downloads? People voluntarily download it? I class it as malware as it installed itself without any warning or my express consent. It also caused me system instability - so it got nuked.

    Installing software by covert means is not big, not clever and does not count towards "downloads" IMHO. Unannounced install is a cracker's (and Apple!) trick.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    From a Developer's Perspective

    Silverlight is a great technology for C# / .Net developers looking to perform complex operations on the Web which aren't possible using AJAX.

    I was able to copy and paste my existing C# Windows Forms application code into Silverlight and only had to rewrite the UI to get it working. No messing about with Java Web Start, no different programming environment (or language) like the Adobe solutions.

    Previously, my clients had to download an MSI installer package (and I had to hope that their systems administrators allowed them rights to install the software).

    Silverlight isn't just for streaming videos!

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Opening up the heavens :-).

    Support for H.264? Man.....they're right! That's never been done before. These guys from Microsoft really know their shit :-). The next thing you know they'll be able to play DVD's :-). There's definitely something in the AIR and I ain't breathin' it :-).

  24. Anonymous Coward

    RE: anti ms

    "Will there ever come a day when the anti-MS fucktards will shut up? Fuck me, you lot are boring. Tha same drivel in the comments to any article that dares use the word Microsoft."

    The day will arrive when the MS fucktards stop releasing defective shite (while telling us that it's not shite, it's solid gold, will save our businesses millions and stop cuddly bunnies from being killed by rabid dogs etc).

    Can someone else please tell us what Moonlight is actually for? It looks like a kind of updated VRML. What's so special about it anyway? I've never heard of it until last week and never had to install it on my system. I *do* remember some VRML code I was working on during my dissertation. It was a 3D modelling language which could also show multimedia clips. (OK it wasn't very good at it but this was 11 years ago!)

    I mean what is Silverlight *really* for. What is it's "killer use" that no other application has?

  25. Ilgaz
    Gates Horns

    Same old story bound to happen

    I can bet easily that Silverlight 3 release will lag an OS X release (PPC already not supported) and Mono guys will have hard time implementing it in their clone. I can even guess how they will do it: They will link a critical part to Winforms

  26. Jonathan Hogg
    Gates Halo

    "acceleration of the underlying hardware"

    Holy cow! That's great. The next version of Silverlight is going to make my machine faster!?


  27. Unlimited
    Gates Horns


    Silverlight 3 will have... ..controls? Holy Mackerel, what a great leap forward in web development!

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My neckbeard is neatly trimmed...

    "The day will arrive when the MS fucktards stop releasing defective shite (while telling us that it's not shite, it's solid gold, will save our businesses millions and stop cuddly bunnies from being killed by rabid dogs etc)."

    The day that happens I'll quit my IT support/dev job and go work in Macdonalds. Vista is still way better than Linux or Mac in a business environment. .NET is awesome. Server 2003/2008 are awesome. The EMS is awesome. Idiot users knowing how to make Vista work is awesome. VWD2008 is awesome. MS business support is ...actually pretty good. I love the defective shite!

    The truth is that no one gives a toss about Linux or Mac unless they have a foot-long neckbeard and spend all their time on the firefox love-club forums or itunes.

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