back to article Orange mobile internet takes a lie down

Orange subscribers have been hit by with an unidentified problem with the firm's mobile network that has cut them off from the internet today. At lunchtime, Orange said it had a temporary fix allowing mobile phone and dongle users to get back online and that it was working on a full solution. It sent this statement: We can …


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  1. Rich Whittaker
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    The Futures bright, the futures offline

    Well if they've fixed it then I'm a monkeys uncle. Its playing havoc with my life. God I have to be at my desk to get email.

    Oh the humanity.

  2. Stuart

    Add to the list ...

    Add this to paying my bill online, unfixed after 4 years, text alerts unfixed since before Christmas and automated cc payments not working today tend to suggest Orange loss of plot meanders on and on.

    Oh my for the glory days of Hans Snook!

  3. burundi
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    Wonder if this is why our Blackberrys have been playing up over the last day or so.

  4. Nigel Thomas
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    High speed internet

    Well, it's been working for me all day - but at the usual snail's pace (5 bars notwithstanding).

  5. Apocalypse Later

    How do you find this out?

    I have an Orange mobile broadband account (broadband? I get only about 56k speed) which I use in a fixed location as part of my hybrid satellite broadband. !t was indeed off for two days. The mobile phone signal was even off for awhile.

    On the second day I rang the customer service line, standing in a field up top of the hill to get a phone signal from another mast. First they wanted to know what my phone number was, for the dongle. Well why would I know that? It isn't a phone, it's a data dongle. I am dimly aware that it has a number assigned to it, but I haven't got it written on the back of my hand. The customer non-service guy point blank refused to tell me anything about any current service issues without my phone number. I rang off and trudged down the hill to find out what it was, but when I got there the service had miraculously reappeared.

    So how does the Reg get them to reveal the dark secrets of their outages?

  6. Anonymous Coward


    The futures bright, the futures . . . Er Vodafone?

  7. Colin Millar

    mobile internet

    Is that what they drive around with those Google street car thingies?

    How do people know when it's going to be in their area? Can I get a schedule from the Council?

  8. captain kangaroo

    I'm amazed,

    ...that my company don't get reported in these columns for the amount of outages we have.

    or are you unable to publish when our service goes down ;)

    STOP! Because my bread and butter is outages, and i laugh in the face of Orange who are not ALL THAT when it comes to actually knowing how their shit works, let alone how it breaks...

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Lack of Service

    There is no network coverage in London or surrounding boroughs.

    There is no news on the customer facing website. Appalling customer service.

  10. Andy Pyne

    The future's not so bright......

  11. Wayne
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    i still cant get on changing my network iv had enough.customer service are pathetic they said just sent me settings i already had.i told them i had read they had a problem but she denied it and asked if i wanted the settings AGAIN!

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