back to article Apple gets censory on iBoobs'... ass

Apple has ordered the developer of the iPhone Wobble application to remove the words "boobs" and "booty" from his publicity, despite selling more than 20,000 copies of the epically pointless app. Jon Atherton took a call from a "nice fellow in developer relations" at Apple who told him those two words are not acceptable …


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  1. alan

    epically pointless

    I demand this be added to the dictionary!!

    that aside....

    I for one welcome our Bulgarian-Airbag wobbling apple-censored I-Phale-based overlords

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Boobs ?

    It's fine, then, to promote games which depict the horrific slaughter of human beings by the thousand, yet 'inappropriate' to mention the nickname of the body parts which gave succour to everyone on the planet ? Hmmm...

    The prudery of middle-America never ceases to astound and amaze.


  3. Anonymous Coward

    oh my

    i dunno whats sader, the fact apple tries to censor the guy or the fact people pay(sic!) for this kind of app ...

  4. Lyndon Hills
    Thumb Down

    You Tube link

    Since when have you had to sign in/up to watch dodgy videos on YouTube?

    I forecast a massive drop in traffic....

  5. Adam T
    Paris Hilton


    "He did, however, make it clear that Apple would prefer to see the company rethink their promotional video"

    I'm practically speechless at that.

    If they managed to get their own heads any further up their arses, they'd probably create a space-time paradox.

    Paris, because she loves boob videos.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Version for women?

    It would have to be called Dangle...

  7. Edwin

    Must be a seriously naughty promotional vid

    - youtube won't let me watch without registering with them...

  8. Aditya Munukutla
    Thumb Up



  9. Grant

    Sorry no offending Kanji or Roomaji in Wobble

    But they mention bouncing breasts in hiragana and katakana. According to their site they were #1 in Japan, despite the ap being only in English and all iTunes store material being English only. (Why am I not suprised)

  10. Mark C

    YouTube sign-in

    When did this start? I have no great urge to look at filth (honest) but signing in to see this? Goodbye youtube .... for me at least.

  11. Peter Simpson
    Paris Hilton

    "like real"?

    Maybe "as real as certain individuals will ever see" would be more accurate.

  12. Charlie

    Re:Signing up for Youtube

    It's been like that for ages, for some potentially risqué videos. Certainly not a new change - I saw it months ago (and haven't signed up yet), and doesn't seem to have done youtube's traffic figures much harm.

  13. Tommy Pock

    Hi, I'm a Mac

    It hardly seems fair that Wobble can't have 'boob' in its adverts. Apple have got a huge cock in theirs.

  14. Matt Taylor
    Jobs Halo

    Porn App Store

    Apple are missing sells

    If they started selling porn they could pay for Steve Job to be turned into an android. I would worry me that all iPhone users would have their hands down there pants on the Tube.

    Note: If this App has the ability to squeeze resulting in a HONK HONK noise.......i may have to buy it.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    @Edwin & @Mark C

    I looked at the video and don;t have a clue why Youtube has it classified as "over 18 viewing". Basically the guy shows how to work the application, which allows you to take and photo and designate circular regions (of any size) that will respond to the accelerometer in the iPhone and make the designated region(s) of the photo jiggle. He uses some photos of models in swim suits to demo the application. No nudity. You see more jiggling body parts at the beach or your local swimming pool.

  16. jon

    forget youtube....

    they are just running scared of anything that they could vaguely be blamed for!!!

    they are too 'infamous' , everyone goes there, so slightest hint of it gets the need to verify that it cannot get 'accidentally' viewed...

    The big laugh is, if you google for it, you dont even need to register!!!! - I found this.. :D :D

    But come ON, guys!!!! It takes minutes to register using any gmail account, 5 secs to login, and you can see the vid straight away! (unlike some sites that need 12 hours waiting time, or a PROPER email...)

  17. BioTube


    Slaughtering hordes of people is cathartic(in spite of all the anti-DOOM lobby saith). Boobs are just perverse(at least in this context).

  18. DutchOven


    "Slaughtering hordes of people is cathartic(in spite of all the anti-DOOM lobby saith). Boobs are just perverse(at least in this context)."

    Shouldn't that say, "Slaughtering hordes of people is perverse. Looking at boobs is cathartic"?

  19. Steve Roper


    No, if digital boobs are the only kind you ever get to see, slaughtering hordes of people is a lot more cathartic!

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