back to article Microsoft to act on IE8 'show stoppers'

Microsoft's still taking feedback on Internet Explorer 8 but will only act on "show stoppers" according to browser chief Dean Hachamovitch. Hachamovitch, IE general manager, told Microsoft's Channel 9 "we are still listening for feedback, we are listening very critically for classically what's called show-stopper feedback". …


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  1. GreyCells
    Paris Hilton

    IE 8 is Microsoft's first stab...

    ... at a standards-compliant version of its browser.

    You've gotta admire a company that takes eight versions (and a little pressure from the EU) before it even considers trying to make a standards 'compliant' product. But where's SVG? Still stuck with the painfully slow VML for all those mapping applications.

    Paris, 'cos she'll be pleased IE users will probably never get to see her between <video/> tags.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    8th time lucky?

    Any chance of find-as-you-type? Or will I have to open that bloody Find... box whenever I'm forced to use IE?

    How about being able to type an address into the address bar without the cursor jumping to the start of the line for some reason when the home page belatedly appears. Hands up who's had a moment or similar.

    Undo close tab?

    If not, then bollox to it.

  3. Steve Spiller
    Thumb Down

    Alternate title

    MS openly admit to releasing buggy crap on un^H^Hsuspecting world.

  4. R Callan

    Oh dear

    It won't install, let alone run. Can any-one tell me where I can get the source so I can compile my own or a .deb?

    Why doe's MS only supply app's for their own OS?


    I'm not going to try in wine (does that stand for WINdows Exposure? It does seem to allow MS malware a foothold in some cases).

  5. Kanhef

    Acid tests?

    Any word on how the latest version does on acid2 and acid3?

  6. Ash

    @R Collins (And some of my own comments)

    Source?! This has to be humour.

    They make a Mac version of Office... I think that's it.


    Wine stands for WINE Is Not (an) Emulator


    Showstopper for me? Stop button not responding instantly when loading the browser for the first time, forcing you to wait for the home page to partly appear, and taking focus away from the address bar when a page has fully loaded during typing a new URL.

  7. Mark Aggleton
    Black Helicopters

    Oh dear

    @ R Callan - Office for Mac.

    @AC - Ctrl-F? and No never had that problem

    However why doesn't it work with SharePoint explorer view - it's their own product FFS. Also why can you only raise queries if you're running in a non-domain environment?

  8. TeeCee Gold badge

    @R Callan

    "Why doe's MS only supply app's for their own OS?" (sic)

    Actually they don't. Office for Mac is still popular and there are a few other things they put out knocking around on other platforms as well.

    However, IE for Linux? I don't think we'll ever see this because it's not worth the effort to satisfy a demand of one installation (that'll be you, BTW).....

  9. Trygve

    Well this explains a lot....

    The bloke in charge of MS browser strategy is incapable of constructing a sentence, never mind a product.

    "listening very critically for classically what's called" - oh dear.

    "behaves the way you should expect the final product behaves" - oh dear again.

    "The test suite and spec are a moment in time right now." - the test suite is brief period on a timeline? What?

  10. Lionel Baden

    @r callan

    well why wouldnt they supply for their own OS ??

    If they start making all those usefull little gadgets for other OS's and then support them for free ontop of it who's gunna buy Windows ?

    i now have this image of a nun preaching the muslim faith lol

  11. Rob Beard
    Gates Horns


    Does it still come with the god awful ActiveX which Microsoft tried to put the friendly 'Addons' name to in IE7?

    No Microsoft it's not an add-on, an Addon doesn't ask me for admin rights to install and generally isn't a gateway to malware hell.


  12. Lozzyho

    @R Callan

    >> Why doe's MS only supply app's for their own OS?

    Apart from Office for Mac, IE for Mac, Virtual PC for Mac et al, you mean?

  13. frymaster

    @AC - 8th time lucky

    Any chance of find-as-you-type?

    Undo close tab?


    "Hands up who's had a moment or similar."

    never had that so can't comment

    "We’re interested in reports of critical issues (e.g. security, backwards compatibility, completeness with respect to planned standards work, or robustness)" - from - implies that if the proposed standard changes before ie8 is released, they _may_ well update ie 8.... if MS run true to form, they won't make page-display-behavior changes after release, though

  14. Joe

    At least they're trying!

    I'm no MS fanboi, but at least they're giving it a shot. With a bit of luck within a year or two, IE7 and especially 6 will be gone or almost gone, and that will mean that my headache will have gone too.

    Channel 9! Buono estente.

  15. KenBW2

    @R. Callan

    Try getting Rhythmbox for Windows. what do you expect them to do? And more to the point, why do you want IE if it's not open source or Linuxy enough for you?

    Oh, and learn to use apostrophes properly.


    Disclaimer: I use Ubuntu

  16. Goblin
    Thumb Down

    @Acid tests?

    IE8 fails the Acid3 test dismally on my XP machine at work with a woeful 20/100. I'd never install it at home, so I can't speak for how it runs on a decent PC.

  17. Jon
    Thumb Down

    no changes there then

    so they're not going to fix any bugs that aren't absolutely critical? sounds like pretty much every other version of ie to me

  18. Philip J.F. Quinlan
    Thumb Down

    Tested on`20%

    Flies through the Acid2 test but fails worse then Firefox on Acid3

  19. Chris Cheale

    Must try harder...


    Any word on how the latest version does on acid2 and acid3?


    It does actually (seem to) pass Acid2 - which is a start - however, I ran the Acid 3 tests on all the browsers I have installed except Lynx (I'm a web developer - I have several for testing purposes).

    None of them passed but Opera came out best at 85. The results were as follows:

    Opera (9.63): 85 - consistently

    Google Chrome ( 77-79

    Firefox (3.05): 71 (consistently)

    IE8 (RC1): 12

    Yay - go MS!

    --- Fatal Exception ---

    Sarcasm overload detected

    Abort? Retry? Fail?


  20. Goblin

    @Must try harder...

    Interestingly, the alpha release of Opera 10 scores 100/100. It's fast too. Maybe they've got it right this time?

  21. Mark
    Gates Horns

    @Chris Cheale

    If you want a build of Opera that does 100/100 on Acid2 and Acid3, then you should grab the latest Opera 10 snapshot here:

  22. Giles Jones Gold badge

    The cancer of open source and GPL

    Funny how long Microsoft spent slagging off open source and the GPL, yet these days it is where they get all their best product ideas from.

    Probably wouldn't have been an IE8 or IE7 without Firefox. The gap between IE6 and IE7 was *five* (count them) FIVE years! Yet the gap between IE7 and IE8 could be a mere year or two.

    Open source such as Firefox, Apache and Linux keeps Microsoft on its toes. You have to wonder why they hate competition so much (and why they try their best to eliminate it) when competition is shown to improve innovation, something that Microsoft seems to boast about having all the time.

  23. Simon

    @ Joe

    IE6 won't be going anytime soon. Until large corps obtain millions for new computers I'm afraid that IE6 and maybe 7 are here to stay...

  24. DutchOven


    >> Why doe's MS only supply app's for their own OS?

    > Apart from Office for Mac, IE for Mac, Virtual PC for Mac et al, you mean?

    Mwah hah hah. Funny one. Last I looked IE5 was the last version for the Mac and even that is no longer available.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ie 8 rc1 inconsistent behaviour

    anyone else having an issue with ie8 rc1 not clearing cookies consistently? also, i've noticed different rendering of the same site / page using ie 8 rc1 on two different windows platforms, namely vista vs. xp.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    @ Mark Aggleton

    SharePoint is bloated and has far too much lag to be functional for its supposed purpose on anything approaching a large network. Try Compass, we had more luck with that.

  27. Anthony Garrett

    IE8 - worse than IE7

    IE8 up to the latest Beta hasn't supported XHTML properly - a major flaw. Until it does it shouldn't even be considered for release.

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